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  1. I agree. Folic acid is very important the first few weeks after conception. I routinely check my blood levels with the...
  2. faithforlife

    Traveling... Ugh

    I've heard that paper plates some kinds can have gluten but we use them with no issues.
  3. In my letters I Included each persons name and insurance ID# to make it easy on him.
  4. We tested our baby at least to find her genetics-then well always know. I had the run around too. What I did was got...
  5. faithforlife

    Need Low Fat Snack Idea's

    Everyones ideas sound great! Nature Valley has a gluten-free nut bar also with almonds-kinda crunchy. For older kids...
  6. faithforlife

    Exclusive Breastfeeding For 12 Months?

    Yeah my midwives always encourage nursing and they say some babies dont need solids till as late as 18 months. I just...
  7. faithforlife

    Well, We Got Our Prometheus Results...

    My Fam has same genetics-moderate, high, and very high risk genes. The 2 high risks DQ2 have celiac but doc says we should...
  8. faithforlife

    My Dq8 Toddler's Diet

    Diana that's how the doctor felt. He said teach her now the rigidness so she'll truly learn it. Plus her kids when she...
  9. faithforlife

    Does Anyone Ever Get Mcdonalds Burgers

    Really? I've never tried Whataburger. Good to know! We do Wendy's.
  10. faithforlife

    My Dq8 Toddler's Diet

    My toddlers genetic testing came back at moderate risk DQ8 gene-no antibodies to gluten. My son and I are DQ2 high risk...
  11. faithforlife

    Ice Cream

    My favorite is Breyers vanilla. The ingredients are beautifully simple.
  12. I hope there's no similarity cuz I love coffee and peanut butter.
  13. faithforlife

    34 Weeks And "mildly Positive"

    I'm expecting #6 but have only recently been diagnosed but have been celiac for years. I had never heard of gluten with...
  14. faithforlife

    Going On 19 Weeks And Struggling

    I imagine Gluten as rat poison. I have had way worst cravings while pregnant-especially for Restaraunt foods! It's hard...
  15. faithforlife

    11Wks Along And Feeling Terrible

    Here I am at 15 wks and sure enough I feel a lot better but not quite normal. Nausea is less. Fatigue is still pretty...