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  1. I have a friend with MS, another with breast cancer and a third with RA. At the same age my only problem is I cannot eat gluten! So when I start getting frustrated about food I think about that and how lucky I truly am. Once you get in the swing of it it gets easier and then you start to feel better which makes it all worth it. Also when I first went gluten-free I read on this group about Mark's daily Apple and the Paleo community. I turned to that which was extremely motivating. I've never seen so many people so excited about not eating gluten. It was a very positive energy and mo
  2. Thanks Kenlove. I know you have been in Japan so you'll understand when I say the artichoke hearts were on sale for 377 yen for the two jar set. Too good to pass up! As long as I can eat them!
  3. I found these on sale at Costco and I haven't eaten them in years. While they do not say "gluten free" they also don't have anything that I can see, aside from distilled vinegar, that might be an issue. I don't see any CC issues either. Just wondering before I dig in if anyone has had any experience good or bad with them. Thanks.
  4. I live in Japan and there is NO WAY I'd go near any Japanese soy sauce. The Gov. has a list of 27 "allergens" and Kikkoman Japan clearly lists "wheat" as an ingredient in the allergen section. There are (one? two?) soy sauces that can be found in supermarkets without wheat. But rather than wasting time searching for soy sauce, I'd say bring your own. You really only need it for sashimi and sushi. I take my own small bottle in to sushi restaurants and use that. It takes me a few months to use up a bottle! Also, there is a Facebook page called Gluten free Expats Japan that has a lot of info
  5. A headache is my first symptom. That knocks me out immediately.
  6. I use Lush products and have never had any problems. I really like the Big shampoo. I have used the conditioners as well as body washes (It's Raining Men and Happy Hippy). I also use the mint julip (?) lip scrub and the "let's rock and roll" face scrub. No problems!
  7. I started using the Acure brand that I buy from iherb.com. I live overseas so I don't have many ordering choices so iherb is best for me. But you might be able to find it from other online stores (Amazon, etc.). It says gluten-free and I have had no problems. I use the shampoo, conditioner and a couple of the body washes. Their under eye cream is great too!
  8. "grown better" and "genetically modified" has nothing to do with gluten. I don't really understand what you mean by this "hypothesis." Gluten is gluten. Eating out in Japan is extremely hard due to soy sauce in everything. In fact, aside from plain yogurt, hard boiled eggs and fruit, there is nothing I'd eat in a convenience store. In a bar you can eat edamame. If you can find a homestay that can work with special dietary needs that's great. If not, an apt. is a the way to go. Forget a dorm with food.
  9. Will you be on a 2 meal a day plan or 3? If you are on a 2 meal a day plan and you can keep a mini fridge in your room then you can always have yogurt, gluten-free cereal, peanut butter, etc. You can make at least one meal on your own.
  10. I take my own food. NO messing with what airlines might make. I find that cheese, salami, rice crackers travel well. I also bring bars (Lara, Kind) and nuts and fruit. Whatever I don't eat on the plane I just toss in the flight attendant's bag when they come around at the end of the flight to clean up. I've never had a problem taking anything through security in the US or Japan.
  11. I really love oil cleansers. Then I looked at the label (looking for gluten!) and discovered most of what is in it is chemicals, not oil. So I went on line and read about making your own. Now I buy oils and use them to clean. No chemicals, no oils. Very easy to do too. I also started using pure shea butter as a moisturizer. I have used coconut oil for years too. Sounds like a greasy mess but it isn't if you don't use too much.
  12. A friend of mine just sent me a little care package of what is supposed to be gluten-free foods. There is a box of Knorr vegetable bullion. One ingredient is autolyzed yeast extract. There is also a package of vegetable dip mix (Knorr). The vegetable dip mix says autolyzed yeast extract (barley). The bullion does not use the word barley. So, is this autolyzed yeast extract safe if it is not barley based? Very confusing!
  13. I'll have to see if I can pinpoint what is bothering me. Both mixes had tapioca flour. If those mixes end up bothering me then I'll be stuck with rice bread!
  14. Hi, I am new to gluten-free (2 months). My only experience with alternative flours has been a pizza dough by Namaste Foods and a loaf of Bob's gluten-free bread mix for my machine. After eating the pizza I was quite gassy and bloated. I blamed the cheese even though I only used a tiny amount which usually doesn't bother me. Then yesterday I made the bread and I am again very gassy with some diarrhea--- but no cheese to blame! My bread machine is brand new so I know there is no CC issues there. I am wondering if anyone else has had some sort of reaction to alternative flours. I didn't eat an
  15. Have you seen the Pacific Foods soups? I don't know if they have a cube bullion. I have bought their organic bullions in the carton. http://www.pacificfoods.com/our-foods/broths
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