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  1. Thanks, moosemalibu. I forgot that TJs has a good "contact us" feature on its website, so I just sent them an email with...
  2. Hello, Has anyone had a recent experience with Trader Joe's gluten-free English muffins? I've seen posts from...
  3. Hi all, In March I realized (thanks to this forum) that my celiac testing was misinterpreted and actually seemed...
  4. I had random stabbing pains and muscle cramps in my feet shortly after going gluten-free. It would happen when i was...
  5. basilicious

    Protein Drink To Drink At Work

    I'll definitely be following this thread. As a newly-diagnosed celiac with a new job, I am conscious of the all the newness...
  6. basilicious

    Glutened On The Job

    Have you looked into using a face mask and protective glasses or goggles in high-risk areas?
  7. basilicious

    Root Beer Safe Or Not?

    Raven and IH, I thought I had already replied to your follow up posts but I was wrong... As it turns out, I was seriously...
  8. basilicious

    Root Beer Safe Or Not?

    I know, right? Sort of surprising.
  9. basilicious

    Root Beer Safe Or Not?

    Thanks for your help, ravenwoodglass. It definitely helped me adopt a wait-and-see attitude. I heard back from the company...
  10. basilicious

    Root Beer Safe Or Not?

    I am in the US. I didn't think that malt had to be listed. Are you saying I probably don't have anything to worry about...
  11. Can anyone tell me whether root beer is generally safe or not? I just drank half a bottle of Old Dominion Root Beer before...
  12. basilicious

    Question About Eating Out

    Thanks a lot, mushroom. It is so helpful to get feedback from someone who has developed "celiac judgment". I am really...
  13. Hello, I am newly-diagnosed and am traveling for work right now, and it is apparent that I'm still navigating the...
  14. basilicious

    Discussing The Newbie 101 Topic

    IrishHeart, thank you so much for your Newbie 101 post!! It really covers so much...and it is so kind of you to share...
  15. Just wanted to share some good information about the Jack Black line of lip balms. I just spoke with the manufacturer...