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  1. A positive is a positive. My son was only positive on the IgG tests and negative on all IgA tests (even though...
  2. You could also have NCGI (non Celiac gluten intolerance). Same symptoms, negative blood tests. Why not try eating gluten...
  3. Cara in Boston

    celiac and pregnant?

    I was not diagnosed (nor did I have any symptoms) until my second pregnancy. At about 4 months, I developed GI symptoms...
  4. Did the doctor diagnose you with anything? It sounds like diverticulitis. Usually treated with 10 days of antibiotics...
  5. We've tried them several times and each time, we get sick. It's a shame because we really liked having this easy option...
  6. Cara in Boston


    We love Vernors and bring it home when we visit Michigan. I hoard it in the basement for any stomach issues that pop...
  7. I just had one done last week. I called the CT place in advance and the first person I spoke to didn't know the answer...
  8. The biopsy can only confirm Celiac, it can't rule it out. A negative biopsy does not mean she does not have Celiac ...
  9. Cara in Boston

    Boston- dedicated gluten-free restaurants?

    We just went to Legal for lunch today (near Aquarium) and I had a great conversation with the staff. I learned that...
  10. Cara in Boston

    Boston- dedicated gluten-free restaurants?

    We live in Boston. There are no 100% gluten free places, but there are a couple of places we feel very safe - my son...
  11. Looking for recommendations for places to eat with 2 in our group diagnosed with Celiac. My son is very sensitive, so...
  12. Cara in Boston

    Son gluten by "friends"

    Things like this happen more often than you would think. I have this included in my son's 504 plan at school: ...
  13. Cara in Boston

    Neg Biopsy :(

    A negative biopsy does not mean you DON'T have Celiac. It only means damage was not found. This could happen for several...
  14. Cara in Boston

    Need advice on gluten and childs behavior

    Please have her tested for Celiac now that she is currently back on Gluten. At age 5 my son's behavior went from "normal...
  15. Cara in Boston

    Desperate To Lose 10 Lbs

    Read up on the Paleo diet. I lost weight while consuming slightly more calories. Once I eliminated grains and added...