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  1. IrishHeart, thank you so much for your Newbie 101 post!! It really covers so much...and it is so kind of you to share and help lighten the load of the confused and overwhelmed newbies. Couple that with your generous, knowledgeable replies to my questions, and I have to say, you have truly had...
  2. I've been having that symptom lately, and although I have been inclined to think it is caused by certain nuts (never, ever had an issue with them before!), I am not convinced. This has already been an informative post, but I will certainly be monitoring it to see if anyone comments on that symptom...
  3. Thanks, Phyller. Your comment is dead on actually. My neurological symptoms have generally dominated, so perhaps I have not been as tuned in to some of the digestive symptoms, or just had not taken them as seriously because the gut somehow felt less important than the brain...so silly in hindsight...
  4. All, thanks for your encouragement and advice. I wanted to mention that I called the lab that did my celiac panel, and they confirmed that they completed the more specific IgG anti-deamidated gliadin peptide antibody assay. I think you're right and that my GI misinterpreted it and/or just isn't familiar...
  5. Thanks very much, Skylark, and you too, IrishHeart. I will confirm the type of test I had and will read what you've shared.
  6. Yes, I suppose I am confused. My GI has been so dismissive of the isolated IgG value, and my understanding was that it was less specific to celiac than IgA. Apparently I have missed some important information in my research - do you have any suggestions for where I can read more about the gliadin...
  7. I finally received my genetic testing results, which my doctor just emailed to me. Here they are for your interpretation: HLA TYPING FOR CELIAC DISEASE [Final] Diagnostic Test / Results: HLA-DQB1/ 201 604 HLA-DQ2/ Positive HLA-DQ8/ Negative HLA-DQA1/...
  8. Thank you. This is all very stressful and confusing, but I'll try to take it one step at a time. This forum is extremely helpful, and I will be sure to let you know how things continue to evolve.
  9. Thank you for the thoughtful replies. I have gone back and forth on the legitimacy of my negative celiac diagnosis, but my action plan is to get the genetic testing as well as testing for SIBO and hypochlorohydria and go strictly gluten free, as if I had celiac, for 3-6 months. Part of the problem...
  10. I'm not convinced that my negative results are to be believed. However, assuming that they are correct, my doctors have told me that at a minimum I am highly sensitive to gluten. Can anyone tell me whether gluten sensitivity can go away? My gluten intolerance has been preceded by a great deal...