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  1. (I thought Mack was on the nipple topic and was starting to pity his girlfriend - 'amusement value'...). Anyway, on the cold hands topic... One thing to consider is vitamin E. We get it through our diet, but most people get theirs from wheat germ - one TB of wheat germ oil has 20.3 grams...
  2. I get symptoms 2 hours later. The next day I feel fatigue.
  3. Can you or anyone suggest a good potato vodka? (I don't like rum or tequila.) Thanks!
  4. I got glutened, and the timing is related to Kamchatka vodka. Unflavored. I'm not sure what grain it is made from, but it's distilled, so that's typically okay. I had it with Diet Dr. Pepper - poured a little vodka into the can - and I drink Diet DP all the time. Has anyone reacted to this...
  5. OCD has more of a hereditary link than general anxiety and depression (there's also a link between OCD and tourette's in families) - in other words, if you have true OCD you were born with it. Celiac's could probably worsen OCD, but not cause it. SSRI's generally are the best treatment for OCD...
  6. For the record - I'm not a paranoid person (well, maybe now I am...) I went to a Wendy's today and asked the girl at the register if the french fries are cooked in a fryer that only cooks french fries. At first she said yes, then she paused and said: 'Well, we're not SUPPOSED to put anything...
  7. Do fritos have MSG? Do you also react to MSG? Some gluten-free chips unfortunatly have MSG - like the staxx and doritos, but I'm not sure if fritos do.
  8. I'm not sure why I clicked on this thread - I'm not heavy or skinny. But I'm glad I entered here so I could pass on this: the nutritionist I saw after I was diagnosed admitted that she, after she was diagnosed with celiac's, gained A LOT of weight after going gluten-free because she relied too much...
  9. Jean'sBrainonGluten wrote: "lots of meats have vegetable broth added for 'flavor' and that can have gluten." I just found this out!! I thought I was doing so well doing my own cooking with plain old ingredients like meat and veggies and potatoes. Then I read something that made me realize...