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  1. Happy Holly

    Wheat Grass

    I almost purchased a bottle of vegetable juice today that said "Gluten FREE" on the label. The ingredients, however,...
  2. Happy Holly

    The Dh Rash

    I break out whenever I accidentally eat gluten; however, I also notice that I have problems with specific laundry detergents...
  3. Happy Holly

    How Do I Put My Faith In Restaurants?

    Okay, just one more reply and then I'm going to stop, I promise. Be sure you take food to eat on the airplane. I was...
  4. Happy Holly

    How Do I Put My Faith In Restaurants?

    Be sure to buy your allergy cards in multiple languages. This is very important. I was in France and used my French...
  5. Happy Holly

    How Do I Put My Faith In Restaurants?

    From my experiences in restaurants, it depends on whom you give the allergy card to. Sometimes if you give the card...
  6. Happy Holly

    Flu Shots

    I had a flu shot this week, and the area where the shot was given itched for about 2 days. Others whom I work with who...
  7. I have two books that I rely heavily on for information. The two books, however, contradict each other on the subject...
  8. Happy Holly


    How can one get enough fiber in their diet when not eating whole grains? I used to do great with fiber content, but...
  9. Happy Holly

    Does Anyone Here Count Calories?

    Are you consuming enough calories for your size? I was around 1000-1200 calories a day and I was always light headed...
  10. Happy Holly

    I Never Thought Travel Would Suck

    When I travel, I carry PureFit bars with me. Airport restaurants sometimes have gluten free food, but most often they...
  11. I just visited an Integrative Manual Therapist. He thinks regular sessions will be helpful with my celiac issues. ...
  12. Happy Holly

    Need Advice

    I know I'm probably responding too late. I hope the lunch went well and you were able to join your friend and enjoy...
  13. I think I read about this in the paper. I hope your son is okay. Did Dino Chicken Nuggets and Corndogs remove the gluten...
  14. So.....if you have to read the label on the back anyway, why have a marker on the front saying a product is gluten free...