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  1. I break out whenever I accidentally eat gluten; however, I also notice that I have problems with specific laundry detergents. When I change detergents, my breakouts get better. A year ago I changed to the Tide Free, but that now has begun to give me problems as well. Now I am using Ecover liquid...
  2. I think I read about this in the paper. I hope your son is okay. Did Dino Chicken Nuggets and Corndogs remove the gluten free labels?
  3. So.....if you have to read the label on the back anyway, why have a marker on the front saying a product is gluten free? I am not attacking Trader Joes for helping, I just want them to do a better job -- like Ukrop's for example. Ukrop's does not label a product as gluten free if it has been produced...
  4. I'm with you Fiddle Faddle. I am simply trying to rebuke the argument that it is okay to label foods as gluten free even if they have been processed in a shared facility. Let's all think about how much 200 ppm is. It means 200 parts in every million parts. If you reduce this to simpler terms...
  5. How many parts per million of gluten can a product be contaminated with by being produced on equipment that also produces wheat and gluten? Since many of us have had reactions to products processed on shared equipment, then it seems likely that a product can acquire more than the 200 ppm gluten...
  6. Sorry, but I have to disagree here. If it is processed on the same equipment with wheat, then it most likely has wheat in it. Have you ever eaten something that did not have gluten in it but was process on equipment with wheat? I have and the results were pretty serious. Cross contamination...
  7. I almost purchased some baked cheetos at Trader Joes today. The front of the package had the mark indicating it was gluten free. The back, however, indicated that the product had been processed on equipment that also processed wheat products. I have sent an e-mail to Trader Joes but have not...