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  1. Swimmy, I react to most foods, and I also have OAS to nearly all fruits and veggies. I also tested positive on allergy tests to *all* pollens I was tested for. The only fruit/veggie that I can eat raw is cranberries. Seriously! I also notice that when I develop an allergy I tend also to develop...
  2. ohsotired--it does sound like you have a ragweed allergy...maybe your reaction to bananas is related! geokozmo-- a latex allergy = an adverse reaction to the proteins in latex. it is unrelated to celiac although people with celiac do have a higher risk of developing autoimmune diseases including...
  3. Folks with oral allergy syndrome usually have a localized reaction---tingling throat/lips/mouth. Some people have to carry an epipen for OAS, though. If raw banana upsets your stomach, I'd wonder if it was a sensitivity/allergy rather than OAS per se. (Of course, I may be wrong on this.) Are...
  4. Am rushing here, so might have missed some of the questions in this thread. But a latex allergy would not be related to celiac (celiac disease is not an IgE mediated allergy). If wheat proteins are similar in structure to latex proteins, then a wheat allergy could be related to latex allergy...
  5. Has this child been tested for food allergies in addition to celiac? That's what I'd suggest doing. Also, are there any foods which she seems okay with or does she pretty much reject all food?
  6. I used to eat any type of rice, but now that I eat so much rice I've become picky. I really like Lundberg's (from California). I've become a bit of a food snob. Maybe that's not such a bad thing!
  7. Well, there's a whole debate about whether distilled grain alcohol is safe. The Canadian celiac assn says yes, but several people on this website react. I appreciate the list of different types of vodkas---I've had trouble with alcohol. I don't know whether it is the alcohol itself or the ingredients...
  8. Great thread---this answers one of the questions I've been mulling over. Thanks!