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  1. Thanks. I probably shouldn't use it, then, just to be safe. sigh.
  2. wondering if anyone here has ulcerative colitis in addition to celiac. I was diagnosed with celiac first. the UC has...
  3. I got some moisterizer for Christmas that contains colloidal oatmeal. Would you use it? I know it may have a small...
  4. Swimmy, I react to most foods, and I also have OAS to nearly all fruits and veggies. I also tested positive on allergy...
  5. ohsotired--it does sound like you have a ragweed allergy...maybe your reaction to bananas is related! geokozmo-...
  6. Helena

    Edit Button Gone?

    Okay, thanks.
  7. Folks with oral allergy syndrome usually have a localized reaction---tingling throat/lips/mouth. Some people have to...
  8. Helena

    Kitchen Conflict

    Great to hear from an expert on kitchen cleaning LOL! I was right! I was right! (my sister always brings out the kid...
  9. Am rushing here, so might have missed some of the questions in this thread. But a latex allergy would not be related...
  10. Helena

    Edit Button Gone?

    I would vote for getting the edit button back. Having the option to go back and edit if I've decided that the medical...
  11. My sister and I have been arguing about gluten crumbs in the kitchen. Usually, I just mention that there are gluten...
  12. Helena

    Airport Security

    purple, what kind of store is Albertson's? mtnchn-- I'm not sure what blue ice bags are Thanks
  13. Helena

    Airport Security

    I've avoided plane travel for various reasons.....but plane travel is no longer going to be avoidable for me! I bring...
  14. Helena

    Niagara Falls, Ontario

    Swiss Chalet is pretty good with allergen labelling . . . there is one in Niagara Falls. I'm familiar with the area...
  15. Helena


    I don't mind watching other people eating stuff I can't eat...but I'm in a different situation because I can't eat in...