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  1. Swimmy, I react to most foods, and I also have OAS to nearly all fruits and veggies. I also tested positive on allergy tests to *all* pollens I was tested for. The only fruit/veggie that I can eat raw is cranberries. Seriously! I also notice that when I develop an allergy I tend also to develop...
  2. ohsotired--it does sound like you have a ragweed allergy...maybe your reaction to bananas is related! geokozmo-- a latex allergy = an adverse reaction to the proteins in latex. it is unrelated to celiac although people with celiac do have a higher risk of developing autoimmune diseases including...
  3. Folks with oral allergy syndrome usually have a localized reaction---tingling throat/lips/mouth. Some people have to carry an epipen for OAS, though. If raw banana upsets your stomach, I'd wonder if it was a sensitivity/allergy rather than OAS per se. (Of course, I may be wrong on this.) Are...
  4. Am rushing here, so might have missed some of the questions in this thread. But a latex allergy would not be related to celiac (celiac disease is not an IgE mediated allergy). If wheat proteins are similar in structure to latex proteins, then a wheat allergy could be related to latex allergy...
  5. Well, there's a whole debate about whether distilled grain alcohol is safe. The Canadian celiac assn says yes, but several people on this website react. I appreciate the list of different types of vodkas---I've had trouble with alcohol. I don't know whether it is the alcohol itself or the ingredients...