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  1. I tried to handpick a restaurant for a trip to New Orleans based on their online menus. I was really unsure I'd find anyone who understood gluten in the Crescent City, but decided on NOLA restaurant in the French Quarter. We had advance reservations(needed) and I was thrilled when the wait staff said they had several choices the chef could suggest from the menu and were very careful in the presentation of the meals. I had no problems from eating there(it's been 6 days now) and would recommend it to travellers to New Orleans. I'd still be careful as the city loves its beignets and croissants, but it was very nice to ask about gluten free choices and not get a blank look !
  2. When I created this post a few years ago, it was mainly a comic relief effort to some really serious reactions from disengaged doctors. It has been gratifying to check in from time to time, because it still gives a chuckle; still gives a great vent and still educates us to keep pushing until you find a doctor who cares to be a partner in YOUR health and healing.
  3. Worth it for the previous mentioned reasons of following specific lab tests that might be a creative stretch for your PCP to make the insurance company pay; worth it if you need the enforced mentality to stay on the diet; worth it if you need that for family members. Not worth it to get better. Too many doctors keep a blind eye to the variations and subtleties of gluten sensitivity to full blown celiac disease and do not advise negative- tested patients who fit the diagnosis to go gluten-free ! Sorry ,big run on sentence there. There is no harm there to advise the diet, especially if they've done everything anyway and still can't get a gold standard. By that time, they should have eliminated anything else, so where's the foul???
  4. Just got back last weekend from the DC area in Alexandria VA Old Town and found 2 gems. Fontaine's cafe and creperie has gluten-free crepes. It is not 100% gluten-free restaurant but they are gluten savvy and the crepes were delicious. The Majestic Cafe was excellent; the servers well educated and the chef staff great. Hope someone else gets a chance to enjoy!
  5. Thanks Davey Boy!! This is how I've been regarding gluten sensitivity for a lon time, and am happy to see it in print! I mean, why would a body make an antibody to FOOD(gluten) and have it considered normal???
  6. Hang in there,teemaree. It will get better. Promise!
  7. It works very well, I think . I always keep a supply of it with me; you never know if celiac symptoms might strike at an inopportune moment! I found a little bit goes a long way for me; I usually bite ONE tiny pill in halves so I don't end up going the other way It is a smooth muscle relaxer and non narcotic. It will RARELY just stop you up,so really safe to use with a few conditions excepted.. Also works for menstrual cramps!
  8. Costco rotisserie chickens do not have wheat on them........hope they never change!!
  9. Well, I was about to get excited, then went and checked their website, and it's got wheat/gluten In fact, the ONLY thing we can eat there is a side salad and a couple of salad dressings. Think I'll give that puppy a pass............
  10. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  11. I was 2 weeks shy of my 50th birthday....let's say we had to modify the birthday party menu really quick!!
  12. Actually the bottom third of med school classes usually went into ortopedics and OBGYN. The top students in the past went into Internal Medicine which used to be the cream of the crop. With big business driving insurance companies(HMO,PPO,POS plans) into getting the diagnosticians(Internal Med) to being a "PCP",many of the docs responded into volume practice and not quality. IM docs are/were trained to think and diagnose.....carefully consider a differential diagnosis and have the diagnosis by HISTORY and PHYSICAL alone 95% of the time. Lab,xrays were to only add 5 %. It just ain't so anymore. FP's have 6 months of Internal Medicine in their residencies, so they aren't generally comparable to IM. There are some good FP's out there, and some good IM's, but I am unhappy to say that many quality Int Med docs have succumbed to the 30-40 patients a day vs under 15 per day. For anyone wanting to use that to vet out an Internist, it would be a reasonable question to ask the office front desk.
  13. I think we are way off topic now, but here goes. Seems like there is a lot more attention given to all our negativity, rather than to a positive movement to solutions. There is a syndrome called HRC or "help---reject--complain". Someone calls for help;rejects the help and then complained they didn't get help. Of course that's a presumption that the help was what was needed. I'd like to propose a new syndrome called CRC. Complain---reject--complain some more. Several days ago I posted about a very positive post about a current medical article directed towards PCP's. There were a 100 or so views, but very few responses. Does good news not carry any weight? Have we turned into a mini version of the 6 o' clock news?? Are we turning into a group of "Debbie Downers"? I well understand the need to rant about medical mistakes/misdiagnoses and disappointments, but the tendency to bold highlight the misery needs some help!
  14. Even the best neurologist in West TN was unaware (until we talked and I gave him a 10 minute discourse) that unexplained peripheral neuropathy was a sign of celiac disease. The hematologists here are worse(unexplained iron deficiency has a 5-25% chance of being celiac..varies depending on which study) and they roundly here blithely ignore it even when it smacks them up close! I posted an article a couple of days ago about a Cortlandt Forum article this month about how to diagnose celiac and how to follow us. Jersey Angel kindly provided the link. Hope this helps ypu deal with your anger and frustration. It will take some time for that to heal,too. Good luck!
  15. I would like to present a gift to all the celiacs past.present and future! The latest edition of Cortlandt Forum has a wonderful eye opening article on celiac disease aimed at PRIMARY CARE DOCTORS !! It is on the front page, and is accessible to all. Just go on www.cortlandtforum.com and scroll down to the article. It is the Jan-Feb '09 edition. This is a free medical journal mailed to thousands of docs. I have not been able to create a link, so maybe some kind member will do this. I am very encouraged to read the medical literature specifically targeting the front line doctors in a good way.
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