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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Ravenwoodglass, I read the link provided by Jestgar and it looks like annual EGD is the best way to monitor the metaplasia. Getting the CT scan will add extra information...sometimes MRI's of the abdomen are also done . If H pylori is involved, looks like treatment lessens the chance of malignancy...
  3. Ravenwoodglass, Ask for a copy of the pathology report. Most EGD biopsy specimens are stained for H Pylori as a routine. The report should state on there somewhere if it was done. Otherwise there are 2 available blood based tests..one is from a venipuncture and the other is a rapid fingerstick method...
  4. Glad to be of help!! I am inexplicably attracted to PubMed....I think it's an addiction.......hmmmmmmmmmm..maybe I'll put in a search for TMI/celiac/night owlishness/insatiable desire to hold a laptop as a leg warmer ........Sorry!! Way off topic!
  5. This is a recent article that shows RLS is primary or secondary, and that the secondary causes should be eliminated(pregnancy,chronic kidney disease or iron deficiency(=ferritin deficiency)) before you just treat with medication. Celiacs very commonly have iron deficiency, so that being said.......
  6. To me , RLS is the leg version of IBS !! Still a syndrome(group of symptoms) and not a bona fide diagnosis. It is a descriptive "diagnosis",and the source of the symptoms should be sought out and attempt to correct the reason. Yes, medications can work for RLS, but then again,so does Immodium and...