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  1. Thank you all for the advice! I just found out that my definitely NOT celiac boyfriend also had a reaction, although hiswas REALLY more mild than mine. So yeah, I'm pretty sure now it had to be another ingredient in it aside from gluten. What that ingredient IS, I dunno! I'm mildly lactose/soy intolerant, it could be one of those!
  2. I've been on the diet for about three-four months, so I'm not REALLY that new to it. I'm pretty good at detecting what items I can and can't eat, and the only thing in the dressing that could have possibly caused a reaction was the vinegar. I'm also REALLY good with not getting cross-contaminated as well. All the recipe consisted of was red potatoes and the Kraft Dressing. I'd made it the night before with a non-Kraft dressing and it was perfectly fine. But when I cooked it with the Kraft Dressing I got/still am VERY very sick. I could feel my tongue swell and my mouth feel awful and my stomach started giving me the tell-tale signs of gluten attack. Maybe this was just a bad batch of dressing?
  3. Hi! I bought a bottle of Kraft Zesty Italian dressing the other day to use in a recipe, and I'm absolutely positive I got glutened by it. I read somewhere that kraft uses vinegar distilled from grains. The ingredient list seemed safe but it absolutely glutened me really, really badly. Has anyone else had a problem with this particular dressing or am I just way hyper sensitive?
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