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  1. THANK YOU so much! That list is great!
  2. I am traveling from Texas to Chesapeake, VA. This may be a long shot, but can anyone give me any direction/ideas for a good place to shop/restaurants to go to? Thank you! Karen
  3. I am somewhat new to all this as well, but it sounds like a visit to a GI that has experience with Celiac and Gluten intolerance would be your next step. Your fatigue, and some other symptoms I had also. I am gluten intolerant and now those symptoms are gone since my going gluten free. I am sure someone will give better explanations/advice soon. Good luck!
  4. Yes, I did. Sorry, I am on the computer more during the day than at night... Thanks again
  5. I never really thought about getting a non plastic filter and that is worth looking into. We are on well water in Texas, hard water where we have to add salt to a water softener, blah blah blah. Yuck in my opinion, my husband doesn't mind it. SO I drink Ozarka bottled spring water, but do worry at times about the plastic. Nala is the dog and she is a red heeler/shephard mix, I think...I was working at a vet when someone found her and her sister wandering the lake at 10 weeks old! She's the best, and she was free! Thanks for the info!
  6. Thanks, I was thinking the same of yours!...looks like they could be really good friends!! Is that Enterolab's Dr. Fine's DVD? looks worth buying...
  7. YEs, this is true for me, as well. I have suffered from allergies since I was very young. Food, seasonal, animal, environmental, you name it. Now that I am older, and I pay more attention to what I expose myself to-putting it in my mouth or on my body. And I do notice that I am sensitive to MSG for sure. Household cleansers make my asthma flare up, too. That make sense. Where did you get the DVD?
  8. OK, I know someone can help. I can't belive I am still confused about this. EnteroLab told me that I am both genes gluten intolerant, do not have celiac genes. I have been gluten free since I found out(Oct.'06) and feel MUCH better. So, I told my sister to get tested(mother died colon cancer at age 49)so she (skeptically)went to Dr. in Dallas. test neg. for Celiac. He (Dr.) told her that if she was gluten intolerant, and she continued to eat gluten that she could not "get" Celiac later on. (He didn't tell her she may test neg. now, but could test pos. later) She said that he was a Dr. that does not support Dr. Fine. So, since seeing her Dr., she thinks it is not even important to get a stool test done, that it is not important if she is gluten intolerant or not! Am I wrong in thinking that if someone is gluten intolerant keeps ingesting gluten, that, even if they "feel fine"(with osteopenia and hypothyroidism)their health will delcine, that the gluten will cause them problems?? In the end, she is an adult and I cannot make her do anything... thanks for reading..
  9. I found out through Enterolab that I am gluten intolerant and not celiac. I carry 2 of the G.I. genes. I have not gotten the biopsy because my Dr. said that I didn't need to if my blood test was neg. Plus, I do not have insurance... SO--- I am encouraging my sister to go to the Dr... She has an appt. tomorrow. She was wondering (and very skeptical) what she should tell/ask the Dr. She wanted to take my Enterolab report with her. I don't even think she is going to a GI type of Dr. She is skeptical of Enterolab. She is only going to the Dr. to appease me. She is 6 years older and she have osteopenia and is hypothyroid. ANy suggestions? Thank you!
  10. THis is all such great information and advice, thanks so much. I don't think I could go gluten-free without this support. (Well, I could, but it would SO much more difficult, with much more tears!) I am planning on buying Dr. Green's and Braly's books today, I hope it is at one of the "regular" book stores... Thanks again
  11. Thanks a lot. that helps me feel better. It just made me cry when my DH said that I don't even have the disease and how in the world could a speck of wheat hurt me? He was in big trouble. Of course the kids were listening in. this was all after buying a new toaster just for me. Anyway, thanks again! Karen
  12. It took just under 2 weeks for me. I got the gluten and gene test..only took 3 days for the package to arrive. I wasn't expecting it for another week, then one night I checked my e-mail before bed, and there it was! It was a shock, even though I knew what the results were... Good luck...
  13. I am sorry, I bet this was answered somewhere, but my family is being insensitive to my going gluten free. If Enterolab test were pos., and I have gluten sensitive genes, but my blood is neg., then do I have Celiac? The blood tested antibodies for Celiac-none were found. I am confused. Maybe my family will accept it all more if I did say I have Celiac. I apologize if that sounds insensitive. Thanks,
  14. What does this part of the results mean? HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0301 HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0603 Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 3,1 (Subtype 7,6) I read the description, but still not sure. It says that I "do not posess the main genes predisposing to celiac sprue (HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8), HLA gene analysis reveals that you have two copies of a gene that predisposes to gluten sensitivity (DQ1 or DQ3 not subtype 8)." So I do not have Celiac?? By the way, if it helps, here is the rest of the results: Fecal Antigliadin IgA 36 (Normal Range <10 Units) Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 17 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score 73 Units (Normal Range <300 Units) Fecal anti-casein (cow
  15. A long time ago, an allergy Dr. told me that alcohol enhances the allergic reaction. For ex.-when I ate corn chips(allergic to corn) and a margarita, I would get asthma. I would also like to know the very best way to get tested for food allergies. I know just by my own "testing" what I am allergic to, but I need an "official diagnosis", I guess. I hope you feel better, soon!
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