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  1. Nope, and my serum is well above the recommended level to treat it. When I had a sleep study, I moved my legs 30 times an hour on average. The only thing that quiets them is if I spend the day up and down stairs or a ladder. I would like it to stop, but I have balance issues already, so no neurotin...
  2. This will be the first of many sacrifices you'll make for your child. I believe cravings have a root cause. Are you short on calcium or fat on your diet? Look for a substitute that can fill those. Absolutely agree with tarnalberry about the gluten-free/intolerant theory. And, I know...
  3. You could see and ENT to check for ear related balance issues. I went that route before a neurologist found the b12 deficiency. The test for inner ear is very uncomfortable. They blast your ears with warm and then icy water. They try to make you dizzy. I came very close to puking. Keep...
  4. Have you been test for vitamin deficiencies? I would think b12 in particular. That weird, "I'm not in my body, but it's moving" has a name but I can't ever remember it. It isn't vertigo because you aren't spinning. B12 cured that for me. I'll know what you're talking about. It's a disturbing...
  5. Low iron does that to me as well. You'll find lots of us with anemia.
  6. This is a small community. A suggestion can quickly turn into, "Oh, I don't eat those because they have an issue with cross-contamination." It happens. I've been at this for less than five years and I've seen it over and over. Even Kinnikinnick has been accused of it! Now, General Mills can take...
  7. Feeling bad after eating them is not the same as having a gluten reaction. I feel bad after I eat watermelon but it's not from gluten. Look over your diet carefully before you accuse a company of cross contamination. I'm not picking on you but it's not fair to assume that every tummy rumble...
  8. I haven't eaten at Toot's since diagnosis and I've only eaten at the one in Murfreesboro. My feeling is that it is more a bar that serves food than the other way around. It is bar food and a bar atmosphere. Now, it may be different in other places as Murfreesboro is a college town. I would say...
  9. I had numbness in my face and soles of my feet. I also had the electric tingling in my arms. That was how a neurologist figured out I had super low b12. I started on shots and it got much better. I didn't realize how many numb places I had. Unfortunately she didnt figure out I had celiac disease...
  10. Hi, My in-laws buy that stuff at a bulk foods place. I've seen it online from bulk suppliers. Look for popcorn cheese. I've also found it at Wal-Mart in a small can that looks just like the blue box. It is with the canned parmesan cheese. I don't know if they have Cabot cheese in Canada but...