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I'm a Mom to two boys. My oldest was diagnosed with Autism in Jan 09. He has gone through many food allergies in his short 4 years - currently he is allergic to dairy, and he has a really bad soy intolerance (its GI and Behavioral reactions). He has outgrown peanuts, eggs, corn, wheat, and oats. My youngest son got away with only a few minor 'inconvience' allergies, lol. He's mildly allergic to sunflower seeds, safflower oil, and cinnamon. He's only 2 so here's hoping he'll outgrow them soon!

I realized that I had some food intolerances as early as college - I could not drink milk without spending the day stuck in my room. It was awful. But, I dealt, and just didn't drink milk. It wasn't until I was breastfeeding my older son that I realized what I was eating was making HIM sick, and I started on an elimination diet, removing all of the top 8 from my diet. Eventually, we figured out he was anaphylactic to dairy, took him to an allergist who said he didn't have any problems with wheat, and I added it back to my diet...

Needless to say, I went from feeling great, to feeling like crap again. It wasn't until I asked my doctor about being exhausted all the time last year that I started to make some connection. He recommended going back on the eliminatin diet, but I was not up to it at that time - we were just in the process of learning about my son's autism. And we were flat broke, lol - not easy to change up your budget!

So, this year I went back, complaining again of being tired (falling asleep at work!), general achiness, nausea, and just feeling junky all the time. Labs came back completely normal again, and he said "Go back on the diet". So I did, and here I am!

I am feeling good again, I seem to be able to have a clear, concise thought pattern again, lol ;). The 'allergy fog' I was feeling has lifted. I also discovered an egg intolerance (GI only). So, this has been a fun path!

I never thought that food would be an enemy for me, that I would have to bend to my will... I'm used to it for my son, but for me, this is a whole new ball game!

  1. OK - my kid is severely allergic to dairy, and there is the protein in the butter. He is NOT lactose intolerant, he is anaphylactic to any and all dairy. So, we're not new to this, lol Do not try to clarify the butter either. There is still a chance of the protein being there and making...
  2. Wow, I can remember being in Jr. High and having the big D in the middle of the night. All through HS, etc. Embarrasingly enough, at one point in college after I had mono (really bad, lost 40 lbs in 2 months!), and would constantly be running to the bathroom and even once I didn't even make...
  3. Seriously?? I went through this for YEARS... it stopped when I first went gluten-free with my older son and has only happened once since. And it wouldn't be every night, just random nights (when I probably stuffed myself with gluten, throught the day, lol!). I remember when he was an infant...
  4. As a mom with food allergies, with kids with food allergies (my first the most severe), I wouldn't cave. I seriously wonder all the time if I'd been diagnosed years ago if my kids would have the issues they have now... I will never know, but at least you have the oppurtunity to be aware of it.
  5. They did a full panel a week after I went gluten-free, and everything came back fine. I take Kirkman's prenatal vitamins (cause I have a million of them, lol). I have NEVER been able to walk a straight line without concentrating on it (and my husband has always commented on it). So weird.
  6. So, I don't know what this is called, but every now and then I feel like my brain has lost contact with the rest of me and I might fall down. Not really dizzy, nothing else is wrong, I just feel like I'm completely out of balance. Just now, sitting in the chair, it felt like I was falling to...
  7. I know from personal experience that food intolerances/allergies, etc can cause speech problems. My oldest son did not start to speak until we took soy out of his diet at around 2 years old (its not a coincidence... you don't go from not speaking more than 10 words to sentences in a week). Celiacs...
  8. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was born with my scoliosis. The doc that saw me at birth mentioned it briefly to my father, and said it would never bother me (ha!). The kyphosis was only recently diagnosed b/c I mentioned something to the chiro, and he said "Oh its this". Oh, thanks... ...
  9. Scoliosis and kyphosis here as well. I try not to get angry about it, lol. It's mild, but no one ever caught it and it caused me a LOT of pain as a teenager (and no one caught it cause no one took me to a doctor). It's caused more problems over the years than I care to mention...
  10. Well, prior to going gluten-free, I yawned ALL the time. Since then, its almost ceased entirely. I always assumed I just didn't breathe deeply enough. My iron levels, etc., are fine according to my last bloodwork.