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  1. blueshabooMoon

    Why Does The Reaction Linger So Long

    Thanksfoe posting about this, I follow strictest gluten free eating and I know I have been gluttened somehow, had 13 days chronic Diarhea, cannot leave house, cannot go up to hospital see my new born grandson, am reduced tears and I never cry. Feels like 7 months ago before celiac diagnosis, scares me that I will relaspe get wrdsw worse again.I am going to live on chicken broth, roast chicken, gluten free yogurt, blandest foods see if I can pull myself out of this nightmare. Terrilynne
  2. blueshabooMoon

    Vision Issue, What Is This?

    Wow..I am desperate also vision screwy issues eyes tests perfect, I am going to try cod liver oil also.Thanks for sharing, Terrilynne
  3. a month into Gluten free, using great food/symptom diary with Charting graphs, clearly see on rise of Feeling good Active time each day & the bad are on the decline Whoop Whoop, Ataxia is 50-90% better amenh

  4. blueshabooMoon

    Glutened By Maalox!?!?!

    Hi, searched lot sites concerning Maalox, on Living strong Gluten free Medications it shows Maalox as safe.Did you find out anything more about it.Been Gluten free 3-4 weeks and taking Maalox every day, hope safe and not what is making me still feel like crud. Over-the-Counter Gastrointestinal Medications The list of gluten-free over-the-counter gastrointestinal medications includes Effervescent Alka Seltzer Plus, Gas X, Extra Strength with Maalox, Imodium, Lactaid, Maalox, Mylanta, Pepcid, Pepto Bismal, Philips Original Milk of Mangesia, Prilosec and Tums (Ultra, Regular and EX).
  5. blueshabooMoon

    Glutened By Maalox!?!?!

    omg I have been taking Maalox everyday, been gluten free for 3 weeks aprox, I don`t want to take Pepto people mention, constipated enough,ugh.Terri
  6. Ugh! Been gluten-free about 2 weeks, Monday & Tuesday felt great like Super-Woman,loads energy did lot long neglected chores at home,then wednesday through today feel so sick,worse,like flu.Dizzy-off balance, digestion big `D`,woozy,had headache yesterday which is rare for me,drinking maalox,woke up shakes & trips to bathroom today,keep feeling balance-like falling feeling.Cannot live like this.What is wrong,was sick non stop since March is what landed me at GI Dr.`s bloodwork high-strong positive celiac & endoscopy with biopsies,also discovered small hiatel hernia & stricture gastroesophogeal juncture[inflammation swollen shut esophogus].Only had one accidental Glutenning & that was yesterday=drank half a Dannon yogurt Frusion smoothie, found out not gluten free,sick within minutes, is that possible to get so violently sick so fast? I do find solace and comfort in reading forum posts on here seeing not alone. Terri
  7. blueshabooMoon

    Okay, So Is There A Safe Chocolate?

    If you look in "Cecelia`s Gluten-free Grocery Shopping Guide"[they adhere to uber-strict gluten free , there is loads gluten free chocolate safe,M7M`s[not pretzel ones], Rescee`s peanut butter cups original,Hershey`s Heath Bars & Chocolate Kisses, Brachs chocolate Stars,Payday candy bars, Skor,York Peppermint Patty,Plain Hershey Chocolate bars,Andes thin mints,many more. Terri
  8. blueshabooMoon

    Looking For Yogurt

    So excited that you shared this, can`t wait to make this crock-pot yogurt~You are a wish come true to post this, Terri
  9. blueshabooMoon

    Help Me Like Lara Bars!

    Hi, It`s not just you, I cannot make myself fimish a bar either,waste of money, Blah! try find different snack goodie.Terri
  10. Big Mistake, didn`t have my `Cecelia`s Grocery market Gluten free Guide` on me and purchased Dannon Frusion smoothies banana strawberry. I had just left doctor`s office from having a fasting bloodwork and here it was 1pm needed something drink fast, so downed half in car.Got home put away groceries and Wham, dizzy, nauseous,feel like flu,run to bathroom, shakes.Only plain low fat dannon is glutten free. Can I really feel this sick from 1/2 smoothie? I cannot live like this. I rarely get headaches maybe 2X year sinus type, back head hurting,so woozy.Drinking Maalox.Wish had magic pill. Terri
  11. blueshabooMoon

    Gluten Free Menus

    Sam & Louie`s Pizza & Godfather`s Pizza both have Gluten free pizzas now. Sam & louie`s has all pizza toppings available Except meatballs & alfredo sauce, they have a grilled chicken gluten free salad also. Godfathers can order hot baked gluten free pizzas available or fronzen to bake at home later. Terri
  12. Thanks for load of info on ataxia above post, neurologists have worse bedside manner of any Docs [downright mean, arrogant, condenscending, belittle you],, brings to mind an episode of the Golden Girls when Dorothy finally gets diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus and tells off her original doctor who said she was nuts and wanted to find something wrong and be sick. Terri
  13. blueshabooMoon

    He Keeps Getting Sick! So Frustrated!

    Wow, a Celiac Center, Where at? If only we could all be so lucky to have a celiac center,Terri
  14. blueshabooMoon

    Clarification Please

    Yes , you are so right that they are or need to recognize `gluten-sensitivity` especially if had bloodwork show strong-high-positive. The experts say the following "Clinically pertinent coeliac disease exists despite normal small-bowel mucosal villous architecture. Mucosal transglutaminase 2-specific IgA deposits can be utilized in detecting such patients with genetic gluten intolerance." I always learn from you Sylvia, thanks, Terri