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Got extremely sick March this year, my general practice doctor was of no use [only tried prescribe anxiety med-told her anxiety is not my illness it is secondary to frightening medical conditions, blood pressure would be real high at Dr. office and then they`d retake and would drop real low,I felt like was having thyroid storm or diabetis, a wide array of symptoms,couldn`t eat, vomit, chronic diarhea 12-30 times day,off balance could hardly walk,lost ton weight.I demanded GI appointment, took 2 months to get in to see Dr Dalke who ran lot bloodwork all strong high positive celiac, scheduled a biopsy for next wednesday the 20th,been nightmare to say the least.Had straight 4 weeks could not get off couch.The lightheadedness pounding heart ,dehydration, nausea,dizzyness,all caused mild anxiety, I was basket case.I had always ignorantly thought of celiac as just stomach issue intolrance to gluten, little did I know of the vast immunity effects such as neurological symptoms, headaches and such that people suffered. I hear great things of Omaha GI doctors,that they are better at diagnostics.Have learned from here and internet sites that the off balance episodes I experienced are common and called Gluten Atxis.Never been so scared in my life as what this hideous disease has put me through. Cannot wait until after biopsy so can begin gluten-free diet.Was told by someone my best source to find general practice Doctors, nutrionalists, physical rehab Dr. experienced with Celiac is to call your state`s local Celiac Society group=experts=people who are Celiac suffers been there and done it all, in the know.After biopsy will call Star City Lincoln Celiac group for onfo.Their phonenumber is [402] 441-9621..you should call get info and doctors. Keep me posted,scarey waiting for these appointments so long, I know.I honestly wouldn`t wish this disease on worst enemy but also would give anything on the other hand if GI doctors could experience exactly my worst week of suffering, to feel firsthand what we have been going through, keep in contact, Terri

  1. a month into Gluten free, using great food/symptom diary with Charting graphs, clearly see on rise of Feeling good Active time each day & the bad are on the decline Whoop Whoop, Ataxia is 50-90% better amenh

  2. What experiences do we have in common in our parallel universe? Lots. We often feel that it’s our fault we got sick – as if we’ve let our family and friends down. We know the challenges of adjusting to a life of relative social isolation. We know the experience of people not wanting to be near us, even though we’re not contagious. We get frustrated by the lack of understanding in the general public (and often the medical community) about the nature of chronic illness. ...

  3. Glad to hear you endo was a breeze! Looking forward to sharing lots of great ideas!

  4. Endoscopy today a Breeze.. awake but light sedation,checked biopsy for celiac, found ulcer,inflammation of esophigus called `stricture of gastroesophageal junction`, small hiatal hernia, GI Doc wants recheck with another endoscopy Sept 19th.Found wealth of gluten free info, read & studied the experts, ready to go full speed ahead Gluten free and not dreading it

    1. blueshabooMoon


      This fits all sorts of people who`ve experienced multitude of troubles from Pastor Paula White

      We have all been through something, we all have something to share to help others. Be authentic and transparent. Be a walking testimonony,each can help another as we Climb

  5. I found this concerning celiac and shampoo, make-up soaps.." Celiac disease is triggered by eating gluten, not by having it touch your skin, so gluten-free cosmetics and skin-care products aren't necessary unless the product is going to enter your digestive tract. Gluten in lipstick is an...