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  1. Gfreeatx

    The 100% Positive Thread

    I love this thread!! Two years after my diagnosis: I no longer pass out when I simply try to stand up. I am free...
  2. Hi there, There is a really good cookbook that I've found which is all gluten and dairy free, called Cooking for Isaiah...
  3. Gfreeatx

    Gerd, Migraines And Daytime Drowsiness.

    I have used Apple Cider Vinegar for Gerd and it does work in a short period of time, but oh is it nasty going down!
  4. Gfreeatx

    Severe Chronic Constipation

    Have you had all of your vitamin levels checked? Many vitamin deficiencies can cause constipation. I was severely constipated...
  5. Gfreeatx

    Possible Hyperthyroid?

    Also, just saw in your post about your anxiety which can also be a symptom of low B12. I found myself panicking and...
  6. Gfreeatx

    Possible Hyperthyroid?

    Hi there! Has anyone checked your B12 level yet? Chest pain, palpatations,tachycardia, and peripheral neuropathy can...
  7. Gfreeatx

    Restaurant Japan Town San Francisco?

    You might want to check out DOSA if you like Indian food. I ate there and they were very aware of gluten-free and CC...
  8. Gfreeatx

    Feeling Low

    Hi there, Sorry you are feeling low. One thing I wanted to mention is you may want to have your Dr. check all of your...
  9. Hi All, I am having to switch birth control as my current pill is too strong and has started to cause me to have tachycardia...
  10. Gfreeatx

    Gluten Free In The Bahamas

    Hi there! My husband and I went to the Bahamas last year and had a great trip. We stayed at Sandals and not Atlantis...
  11. Gfreeatx

    Panicking About Cruise

    Wheww!!! Thanks so much for the response Michelle!
  12. Gfreeatx

    Panicking About Cruise

    Oh wow, I am going on a overseas cruise myself in the fall and had no idea they would not allow you to bring your gluten...
  13. Gfreeatx

    Frustration To The Max

    Based on you feeling flu-like, other pains within your body and a positive ANA it sounds like my friend's symptoms with...
  14. Gfreeatx

    Frustration To The Max

    I have to say your post really speaks to where I am at myself right now. I was diagnosed almost two years ago and seemed...
  15. I had mine out in 2009..a year before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. My GB issues were also due to low function...