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  1. Have you had all of your vitamin levels checked? Many vitamin deficiencies can cause constipation. I was severely constipated for several months when I had never had any issues before...in fact I always had the opposite issue. After checking my levels it turned out I was B12 deficient. Since starting...
  2. Sheesh, I know! I really wish I could be that average normal patient who tolerates everything well. I'm just thankful my doctors actually believe me when I tell them I am having a weird side effect and don't tell me I am crazy. Well, at least not to my face.
  3. Thanks Woodnewt for the info. I know I will need to take the antibiotics this time since there is no way around it to get better. I have to admit I am a big chicken when it comes to taking meds. I had such bad experiences with prescription meds I was given in the past for my other conditions. I...
  4. Thanks all for the suggestions! I really appreciate it! Luckily I haven't had to deal with a UTI in years, but somehow it got me this time. My mom used to get UTI's frequently, but hasn't gotten one in years. She swears that cranberry juice daily and taking alka seltzer if she feels one coming...
  5. Hi All, Not sure where to post this one, but I recently ended up with a UTI and my Dr. prescribed a drug called Bactrim. Of course to make sure it was Celiac safe I looked it up online and found it was on the gluten-free Drug list, however there were endless horror stories from people about it...
  6. I completely understand. I was telling my husband how hard it can be to try and relax when going out to eat since my diagnosis. You have to put your trust and your health in someone else's hands and hope they care enough to not get you sick. I have always loved food and going out to dinner so it...
  7. I'm so sorry you are having such a rough trip. I went to Singapore years ago before my diagnosis, but I do remember some more western restaurants there when I went such as Morton's steakhouse. You may need to seek those types of restaurants out more than the traditional cuisine. Wishing you better...
  8. I forgot to mention to check with your doctor if you are on any other meds or if you have kidney issues for the extra magnesium. My husband also had issues with constipation for years and swears by it now.
  9. Nuts, lots of veggies, and taking a daily magnesium (500mg) seems to work for me. Also, I excercise quite a bit and I notice when I don't I start to have issues.