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    Music (Listening and performing: flute, piccolo, drums, saxophones, recorders, the list goes on...), American Sign Language (Interpreting), Writing on my blog, Learning, Socializing, Fixing Computers (and being a Geekette), Helping People, and Daydreaming.

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  1. The jaw pain adds to my headaches, can`t wait for joyful day to wave goodbye to ataxia,no one can know how we have suffered, wouldn`t wish on worst enemy,Terri

  2. ataxia has been improving a little, so YAY! but headaches and jaw pain fairly intense. Hoping for a happy new year.

  3. Hi mushroom, Your name makes me chuckle and smile! Thanks for the welcome! I am trying to "dig in" and get to know people and more about what makes my body tick. HUGS MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!!!
  4. I hope this forum topic is still active! I could really use some support. I'm so lost, frustrated, scared, and overwhelmed. Honestly, I think I just need a hug.
  5. I have been reading as much of Hadjivassiliou's articles as I can access for free through PubMed. So far, so good. I brought a bunch of them to my doc. He wondered why I wanted a diagnosis of gluten ataxia. Ha! He totally didn't get it! I don't want a diagnosis of something I DON'T have (after...