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  1. I am 11 days away from the blood test and definitely have had more dizzy spells/ just not really feeling 'with it' over the last 4ish weeks since upping the gluten (to such an extent that I have been put off getting back into driving, as I don't really trust my reactions at the moment) Just so sooo tired and achey and would love my stomach to decide what sort of upset it would be in a more consistent manner hah!
  2. Hi Trevva, Sorry to hear that you are feeling rubbish! Gotta say, me too! Though not going to lie, I am probably eating more than the minimum, and that is probably my own fault, but on my birthday last week I though f*** it, if this might be my last gluten Birthday I am going to enjoy myself, so my boyfriend and I ordered a vegan takeaway (a vegan meat replacement in a burger bun and I had also had a slice of gluten birthday cake the same day) it was all very delicious, until probably an hour or two later the stomach cramps and 'head in a vice' headache began, so naturally I lay on the f
  3. Thank you!! Things aren't too bad, though my stomach is definitely not too happy about the situation (though I am thanking God for working from home and strechy trousers!) Also I guess one plus of the challenge being 6 weeks is my Birthday is within that time, so although I might feel bad, I might get to have a big yummy vegan Birthday cake (to make sure the blood test works, not just because it will be delicious of course! ) and then me hours later will have to deal with the consequences!
  4. I am also gluten challenge-ing at the moment (Day 10 of the UK 6 weeks one, though blood test booked in for 20th April so might end up a bit longer). I have decided to go quite full in with ensuring I am having gluten every day, a couple of times at least, and I feel rough. Even if the blood test dont show coeliac then I am like 99% sure it is something gluten related and really don't think I will be carrying on eating this after they look at my blood!
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