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On 2/4/2020 at 3:41 PM, Moosebrew said:

I have finally found relief from awful scalp sores and wild crazy burning skin by eliminating gluten FROM EVERYTHING I use or eat!! I just wanna say one thing that is irritating me! I read constant forums where people are like what are you doing eating the shampoo??? Well good grief when you have exposed painful sores on your scalp and body its kinda obvious the gluten is being absorbed!!!!! I have been through a lot of tiring dr visits and mean comments about how Im picking my scalp and doing this to myself! I have to take it one day at a time and pray I dont consume gluten or iodine on accident. 

I'm with you here. I first had DH last year - I saw my GP who was, "pretty sure" it was DH. (I had never heard of DH before but have been diagnosed celiac and gluten free for about eight years) but wanted me to see a dermatologist to be officially diagnosed with it.

My boyfriend is also a doctor, and after seeing my multi-week distress and seeking an alternative explanation to my own hypothesis of a novel allergy (he thought this was a very silly idea), began to do some research on celiac disease and came to the conclusion it was DH independently from my general physician. I didn't see a dermatologist because I don't have time to be bouncing around multiple doctors if the third is only going to tell me, "Be more careful than you thought you needed to be in terms of cross contamination" like my boyfriend and GP. 

I went through all my products and found that my Elemis facial products ALL had wheat gluten in them. WHAT?!?! I was putting that s**t on my FACE! 

Anyway, I now also have my own kitchen counter as a designated gluten free space in my home. Occasionally, when I eat a lot of grains (which all have their own special form of gluten - there are studies that show celiacs having immune reactions to corn, quinoa, and rice :( ), I start getting itchy in my DH spots (under my armpits). There is like a gluten itchy tingle I can feel under my skin just bursting to erupt. Since I had my first outbreak, I've had two additional, which were less severe. 

I treat them with cold-pressed Thyme Juice called, "Thyme Out", and Dr. Bronner's magic menthol rub. When it's really bad, I also take benedryl to help me sleep. 


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