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  1. I asked my dermatologist about Aczone but since I was allergic to sulfa, said I couldn't tolerate it. From what I read it takes several weeks to ease the rash. .. like 2 - 3 months. Posting a web site if ok with the moderators? http://www.aczone.com
  2. I had labs before my PCP ordered Dapsone and she ordered labs each month after starting the drug. I took .25 twice a day = 50 They then prescribed x 3 = 75 thinking I wasn't on a high enough dosage. I took x 4 a day = 100 and I became so sick, temp and fatigue that it was certain part of my rash...
  3. I never had a problem having the prescription filled. I use Walgreen's pharmacy, here in Florida. They have had to order it a couple of times but it was always there the next day. No substitute that I know of but one of my doctor's mentioned they can use another drug. (didn't work as well) Check...
  4. Hmmmm, just seeing your remark about not being able to eat gluten-free, due to your work schedule. Here is what I did and maybe you will be able to sit down and figure out a workable plan. I drink a gluten free meal replacement each morning. Provide me with nutrients and is quick and easy...
  5. I am so sorry the Dapsone has made you sick. Were they taking blood draws every month? My doctor was following that plan but we just didn't realize I had developed an allergy. My blood counts were okay each month. Once the Dapsone was out of my system, I saw a huge improvement in my rash....
  6. Squirmy, I went gluten-free on Oct. 20, 2012 and although I still have some rash, it is sooooo much better. I was bad and had a very small piece of cake, a couple bites of bread and crackers. I had a renewed outbreak just in the past 10 days but it is not as horrible as when I first broke out in...
  7. Hello to all that have responded to my original message. Just an update on my condition. I was in ER around the end of May and the ER doctor was quite concerned that I had been broken out for so many months without a diagnosis. He called my medical group and did the ball ever start bouncing...
  8. It is amazing how all these rashes look alike. My rash is just like yours but I am covered like a blanket of this. My scalp is in horrendous condition too. Down my legs, on the top of my feet. I feel for you! Miserable. I tried taking Dapsone which evidently isn't the answer for me. Have...
  9. I have been on Dapsone for over 2 years.I did a lot better the first 6 months than I am now,I may need to increase my dose. The last 5 /6 months have been a nightmare. I have recently had additional family maters on me and I have not watched my diet like I should have. I am also allergic to corn...
  10. Being treated by a new Dermatologist. He took 2 punch biopsies, gave me a cream to heal the open lesions and another to help with the itching. He told me to continue Zrytec and Zantac and use Sarna and Vaseline to help with the itching and to keep my skin moist. I had been to the ER as the...
  11. I'm following your rubbing alcohol treatment. . . I stopped taking Dapsone, I think I had a Dapsone rash in addition to the DH. I have question. About the rash . . . is every lesion a blister with fluid? I'm still trying to track down all I can to present to my doctors. I have a DH diagnosis...
  12. BTW, I do think stress affects me too. I'm on SS Disability and not working so you would think, what stress? I worry about finances (had a great paying position) and there is a source of stress right now that I am able to stop. I just need to make a decision which would involve moving from...
  13. Thank you so much for your answers! I am starting to believe that I have been misdiagnosed with DH. I started a gluten free diet on 10/20/12 and .50 mg per day. I did feel and see a change to the condition of my rash but it never completely cleared up. The itching and burning seemed to subside...
  14. I have questions that I believe only people using Dapsone can answer. I am on 75 mg Dapsone daily. I started Dapsone and a gluten free and low iodine diet on 10/20/2012. Do you have new outbreaks while on Dapsone? Do you feel small bumps under your skin that do not break open? If you...
  15. Sometimes my scalp is horrible, like right now. I found out a few weeks ago I was eating some veggies that are high in iodine. Red food coloring has iodine . . . may have to sit down and write/print out a list so I won't forget!