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  1. I will be turning 70 in April. I was diagnosed with celiac disease almost 20 years ago but looking back there were some definite clinical markers that the disease was active for about 15 years before diagnosis. I have an uncle who is now almost 90 years old who was diagnosed with celiac disease probably...
  2. That is why I believe it is becoming increasingly important to seek out products with the "Certified Gluten Free" label rather than just "gluten free."
  3. There is no evidence to support the idea that celiacs are more at risk for adverse reactions to the vaccine than anyone else.
  4. I found some information to support raspberry . . .'s claim. For instance: See the second paragraph from here: https://www.worldhealthlaboratories.com/histamine0d5cd131: "Folic acid (with vitamin B12) can help to raise the histamine level." And here: https://www.histamine-sensitivity.com...
  5. Agree! Although I would point out that the article is addressing the eating habits of non celiacs for whom being totally gluten-free may not be relevant.
  6. Made me laugh and reminded me of a conversation I had with a big chain restaurant chef some years ago as I was preparing for a company celebration in a few days. As I discussed different non gluten menu options with him and was about to finalize a plan, I asked him about one more particular item...
  7. Thanks, Scott. Very interesting. I note the first article lists viral infection as a cause . . . something that has also long been considered a trigger for Celiac Disease.
  8. But is "lactose intolerance" really what we are talking about when referencing elevated ttg levels? I just read the titles to those summaries and they all reference intolerance. To my understanding, intolerances produce discomfort and diarrhea but isn't damaging.
  9. Most but not all uses of healing clay seem to be topical in my research and the supposed anti inflammatory qualities are usually in connection with topical uses. When consumed, I think it tends to bind with a lot of things and that explains most of whatever effects it has on the gut and prescription...
  10. If I mention to a waiter that I have celiac disease I seldom get a look of recognition. Because of marketing verbiage which has chosen terms like, "gluten intolerant" and "gluten allergy," the term "celiac" is still not familiar to most. I usually just say, "I need to avoid gluten. Can you help me...
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicinal_clay Seems like the only proven benefit of healing clay is to counteract bone demineralization in space travel. It also can affect the efficacy of some prescription meds, so that must be considered.
  12. This is a common issue with gluten-free baking. I would try turning the temp down and increase the baking time. That would give the interior of the loaf more time to solidify. And then maybe also turn the temp back up for the last part of the baking cycle if you want a little crust on the surface...
  13. Any feathers yet on those developing duck egg embryos? I think I'll pass on that one. Haven't tried duck eggs but I tried goose eggs once. Didn't like them. Tasted very different than chicken eggs.