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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Sounds like that might be the case. Having said that, do you realize that a forum for Celiac Diseases is not about allergies to wheat? Celiac Disease is not an allergy. It is an autoimmune disease triggered by ingestion of wheat that causes damage to the small bowel lining.
  2. What's interesting to me is that the hypo acidity is linked to dermatitis herpetiformis but not villous atrophy. That is if I understood it correctly.
  3. Never heard of that test. There are certainly non Celiac reactions to wheat and gluten but whatever it is it seems clear to me your daughter needs to eat gluten free if you are sure that wheat/gluten are causing these symptoms.
  4. I would push for a hidascan for gallbladder issues. How long have the pain under the ribs, jaundice symptoms been going on? The whole two years?
  5. I think your hunch about this being either problems with the gallbladder or pancreas is probably correct. If you are jaundiced that seems like a tip off to me of problems with inflammation in this area of the body. Please don't dilly dally in getting this looked into. These conditions can become life threatening. Do what you need to do, through NHS or apart from it. The gastro doc has dropped the ball here. Did he test your lipase levels? That is the primary test for pancreatitis.
  6. I had bi-lateral pulmonary embolis after Celicac dx and I suspect I had several small ones over the years before celiac disease dx. In my case it turns out I have a genetic condition called Factor 5 Leiden which, without going into the biochemistry of it all, causes my blood to clot too easily. After I landed in the hospital with the bilateral clots I was on the phone with an uncle back east who has this condition. That's when the light went on and I shared it with the attending physician which led to testing. Truly a God thing I believe since I survived the experience that led to the diagnosis of the condition such that I could hopefully prevent a worse event and outcome in the future. So now I'm on warfarin therapy for the rest of my life. Small price to pay.
  7. I just want to add, because this was not clear to me from your narrative, that alcoholic beverages are not to be considered gluten free by default. All spirits can contain at least traces of gluten unless they are produced from gluten free grains/plants and stored in containers not contaminated by gluten. As an example of the latter, wines are sometimes stored in barrels that use glues and sealers made from wheat. Having said all that, distilled spirits are generally safe.
  8. Good questions and there are not necessarily definitive answers. First, many true Celiacs are asymptomatic or have very minor symptoms in reaction to the ingestion of gluten. That doesn't mean there is not damage to the small bowel villi going on. They are finally diagnosed as having Celiac disease usually because other things are getting out of whack with their blood values or physiology such as anemia, elevated liver enzymes or osteoporosis. So then they get tested for Celiac disease and find out that it is the underlying problem. Yes, there are other autoimmune diseases that can mimic the damage to intestinal villi we typically see in Celiac disease. Also, the Celiac antibody blood tests can give false positives. I would not assume you do not have Celiac disease just yet but I would get retested at a later date and I would also press for more investigation of why your endoscopy results showed villi blunting.
  9. http://theceliacmd.com/2016/02/gluten-and-keratosis-pilaris-chicken-skin/ "There are no studies indicating a direct correlation between gluten ingestion and keratosis pilaris. However, it can be caused by vitamin A deficiency or essential fatty acid deficiency, both of which can occur with impaired absorption. If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity you theoretically might suffer from keratosis pilaris flare-ups if you are consuming gluten and have ongoing inflammation or malabsorption."
  10. Out of ideas. Doesn't sound like fibro to me as there is the asymmetry thing and you don't mention other FM symptoms like fatigue. Doesn't sound rheumatoid in nature either.
  11. That is bazaar! Have you had any neurological testing done, say like scans of the spinal column or brain? The asymmetrical nature of it makes me wonder if there is a neuro basis to your symptoms. Shingles is another possibility that comes to mind.
  12. To answer your question, the finger prick test is accurate as far as I know. I don't know why that would be any different than a lab draw with syringe. Both get blood. Anemia is extremely common with Celiac disease. The damaged lining of the gut caused by the auto immune driven inflammation characteristic of Celiac disease significantly reduces the small bowel's efficiency in absorbing vitamins and minerals.
  13. How long have you been gluten free? There can be an adjustment period, sort of withdrawal, after going gluten-free. May we ask your relative age? All of the things you describe have been associated with Celiac disease but usually not all at the same time. Have you been tested for rheumatoid processes and fibromyalgia?
  14. I just did some hasty research that didn't turn up a connection necessarily between the drug and having Celiac disease. What I did find was that for some people the drug caused "Celiac sprue like enteropathic symptoms." One article mentioned that one such patient was tested for Celiac antibodies but the results were negative. Nonetheless, I would be skeptical if a doc prescribed that medicine for me, especially when so many other alternatives exist.
  15. I think something cyclinglady said bears repeating and that is the absence of overt GI symptoms such as pain or "D" is not a reliable indicator of something being gluten free. Many Celiacs are largely asymptomatic but gluten is still damaging their bodies.