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  1. I have seen some of your prior posts. I am suffering from food intolerance flare ups presently and I am trying to convince my Dr to let me try Ketotifen. I wanted to know if you could send me the name and phone number of your prescribing Dr. My case is my GI Drs first one of a non celiac nature and she would like to discuss it with other Drs who are using the meds. Thanks!

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I havent had a cough that could be attributed to gluten but I definately think that its a possibility for you. I dont do well with processed foods and usually avoid it. Earlier this year while I was eating things I shouldnt have been eating I caught a cold which turned into a bad cough. Every...
  4. Same here...my reactions to coconut had nothing to do with its antifungal properties.
  5. I have gotten mouth blisters from foods containing sulfites. I would say that the mouth ulcers you get from wine are caused by some type of sensitivity....sulfites would be a strong possibity. Unless a product specifically states that the coconut is not preserved with sulfites...I just assume...
  6. They do use sulfites in some flours...as a "whitening" agent....also most starches contain sulfites (corn starch, potato starch, etc.). They dont have to be listed as an ingredient on the product....but can be found in many different ingredients. Corn syrup, lemon juice, white grape juice, etc...
  7. Alot of coconut products are preserved with sulfites....even if not clearly labeled. Its not uncommon to be sensitive to sulfites. If you have the same reactions to fresh coconut (right out of the shell) then its not a sulfite issue. If you tolerate the fresh stuff.....then sulfites are a possibility...
  8. Hi, I've had LOTS of muscle testing and I absolutely LOVE it. I really hadn't tried anything like this until about a year and a half ago. My Dr. sent me to this "voodoo" lady (thats what I called her at the time ) and I wasnt all that thrilled about it....but I went because my Dr. said...
  9. Nancy, None of these questions can be easily answered. If you do have a problem with sulfur metabolism it can be quite complex and correcting it would more than likely depend on getting to the root of the problem. I see in your signature that you have alot of other issues as well? Some of...
  10. Nancy, I have had similar experiences but I'm not sure if its for the same reasons. My system is very overwhelmed so that many things which (under normal circumstances) should be beneficial actually cause more stress. For example...glutathione. I cant tolerate it because my sulfur metabolism...
  11. Thanks. My session went very well...no adverse reactions. Most definately chelation should not be taken lightly...and it should only be done by a very knowledgeable Dr. with alot of experience in heavy metal detox/chelation therapy. I've been working with my Dr.'s for over a year now...
  12. You can take binders that are not chelators...they just bind with the mobilized metals preventing them from causing more damage. The best is probably chlorella (from a good source). Its an algae very capable of binding with metals in the gut. It also has many other health benefits....some people...
  13. I'm not Carla but yes....it would be a temporary worsening of symptoms. Some people refer to it as "die-off"...I think of it as a redistribution of heavy metals. Yeast and molds bind with heavy metals. If you have a problem with mercury from amalgams...you would very likely also have a problem with...
  14. Onions and garlic are very high in sulfur...same with eggs. Foods high in sulfur are natural chelators of heavy metals such as mercury. Usually people who have problems with heavy metals will experience some reactions to these foods...as they move the metals around. I had alot of problems...
  15. Your journey to heal has been inspiring. I admire your strength and determination. All of your experiences and the knowledge that you share has helped us all.