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  1. I have seen some of your prior posts. I am suffering from food intolerance flare ups presently and I am trying to convince my Dr to let me try Ketotifen. I wanted to know if you could send me the name and phone number of your prescribing Dr. My case is my GI Drs first one of a non celiac nature and she would like to discuss it with other Drs who are using the meds. Thanks!

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I agree with you Siga. Anything that is going to mobilize mercury and possibly cause redistribution to the brain or cause damage to kidneys, liver, etc. is not something you wanna mess around with....especially in the beginning when the gut and excretory organs are still loaded with mercury/toxins. The road has to be clear....with pathways open so that whatever is chelated has a way out. If you clear mercury from the gut the body will start to release some of its burden naturally and more will be moved into the gut....as it is mostly distributed in a way so that no single organ is overwhelmed. The body tries to keep things in balance...even in the way that it stores the toxins. Chlorella is considered to be a "super food"....very healthy for those who can tolerate it. Unfortunately, I couldnt tolerate it.
  4. Dylan, You started this thread with questions about mercury. Is this because you feel that it is part of your problem?? I cant tell you whether it is or isnt. However, if you feel that it is and if you feel like this is something that you need to pursue.....then I would encourage you to do so. Dont ever let anyone tell you are wrong for feeling what you feel. Dont let anyone try to tell you that you're crazy for trying to come up with The Answer. We are all looking for that because we all DO want to get better. The fact that you are asking questions and looking for answers tells me that you really do want to improve your health. Thats a great thing. Like you stated earlier....knowledge is power. Dont let the fact that many people will judge you for the efforts you make get in the way of your recovery. Those people are not informed and they dont understand. Its your body....not theirs. Do what you feel is best for YOU.....and dont let anyone's comments hold you back. You know what you are dealing with even if most people cant wrap their heads around it. Dont allow your friends to put you down. You are trying to improve your health and good friends who care about you will be supportive....even if they dont totally understand. There are always going to be those people who will try to push you down...even as you are trying to get up......for whatever reason some people find joy in that. Dont let those people into your life. Dont give up! You can get past this. I'm stepping out of this thread because if I continue to post it will become very controversial and I dont want this thread to be taken from you. This information is for you....you asked the questions and I hope that you will continue to get answers. I will respond to your pm's as soon as I can.
  5. I still have 2 1/2 hours and I've just come up with another resolution. I need to remind myself that its not in my best interest to be open about my experiences in the presence of close minded people. I need to remember that some people have alot of negative energy that they need to release and thats ok....some people hold onto things while others prefer to move on. I'm someone who doesnt like negative energy so my resolution is to ignore those types of people and to just say a silent prayer for them instead of getting dragged down by the negativity. I think this resolution kind of goes with my previous resolution....which was to have more FUN!
  6. Dylan, Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions or just need to chat.
  7. With chlorella you need to be sure that it is pure. In nature algae, yeast and molds have the highest ability to absorb heavy metals. Chlorella can absorb mercury in the environment. Brands that are not pure and not tested for mercury are not the best choices. It doesnt mean that this mercury will be released into your system but any mercury passing through would be a stress to your body/immune system. Chlorella is used as a binder which absorbs mercury in the gut and it is then excreted via stool. You need to not have constipation issues when taking either chlorella or charcoal (they basically do the same thing which is to absorb toxins in the gut). Some people dont tolerate chlorella and if you are sensitive to sulfur the chlorella may not go over well. I do not tolerate chlorella at all...but alot of people do great with it. If you try it....just dont take alot of it. Try a small amount (like one tablet) to see how you respond. If you feel like you can tolerate it then gradually increase...but only in small amounts. If you react to it then stop taking it. I had a bunch of energetic testing that all said chlorella was not good for me. I decided to try it anyway and I ended up vomiting...so my body really did not like it at all. Just pay attention to your body. I would try charcoal first because it is more easily tolerated. Same thing...only start with 1 capsule. Dont try taking both binders....you only need one and if you react you will not know which caused the reaction. Happy New Year!!
  8. Yes, all of the doctors that I see are also LLMD's (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor's). The majority of autistic kids do test positive for Lyme. Its important to see a doctor who is knowledgaeble on all fronts. There are many LLMD's out there who are not so knowledge about heavy metals and have no experince with chelation.....which is why I wouldnt recommend someone who's main focus is treating Lyme. Not every doctor who is treating Lyme understands that mercury and lyme are partners in crime. Many of them do not address mercury at all. That would be Cutler. He is against some of the things that have been most effective for many doctors. He is a scientist and not a medical doctor. He knows alot but he doesnt have experience actually treating patients. The protocol that he recommends is what worked for him. There is no protocol that will work for everyone because we are all unique. Some people have good results following his recommendations and some do not. The best Dr.'s are the ones who look at each patient as an individual. Treatment is based on that person's specific needs....which may be completely different from another patient who has the same conditions. You can have 2 individuals with mercury toxicity and the same infections....and yet they require completely different supplements, different diets, different method of chelation, etc. etc. This is because we are all different genetically and we have different reasons for developing these issues. The reason that I became mercury toxic can be completely different from another person who is also mercury toxic. The treatment that works for me can be the wrong treatment for the next person....they may get worse because they are not doing what they're body requires. Any doctor who says that one protocol works for all of his patients probably doesnt have much experience....or he is not being honest. I have not ever seen one method of chelation or one method of anything that works fotr everyone with regards to detoxing mercury.
  9. Mercury does impair transport of B12. Mercury does its damage insidiously....it blocks enzymes, it interferes with how vitamins and minerals are transported and utilized in the body. It can impair detoxification, its a huge immunosuppressant, increases susceptibility to infection and the list goes on and on. It just really messes things up. You may have had high levels of B12 in your blood but it doesnt mean that the body is transporting it and utilizing it as it should. I have mercury toxicity and bloodwork does not identify a serious B12 deficiency (I was at low normal range). However, other tests (urine organic acids) do indicate a problem with the transport of B12. Many things are out of balance and not functioning normally.....although none of this was evident with any conventional test that I had done. Also, most (if not all) people with mercury toxicity have blocks in the methylation cycle which impair detoxification, immune function, etc. B12 is a necessary nutrient for methylation.....without it the pathway is impaired and does not function normally. This pathway is necessary for the body to excrete toxins...including all heavy metals. The proper B12 supplementation can improve the function of the pathway (methylation cycle)......and this can help the body to eliminate toxins as well as fight off virus and bacteria.
  10. Mercury toxicity is one of the most difficult things to diagnose. There is no easy way to determine whether or not a person is toxic from mercury. It doesnt stay in the blood for very long before the body stores it away....therefore bloodtests cant be used except for acute mercury poisoning. Acute poisoning is different.....this is what killed the woman who spilled a couple drops on her gloves. Mercury from amalgams would be a chronic situation....not acute poisoning. No high levels of mercury would be found in the blood. There are different tests that can be used as tools....but they cant rule out mercury toxicity if no mercury is seen in the results. Hair analysis and provoked urine tests are commonly used. Another test that is being used more recently is a porphyrin test.....which can be a "marker" for mercury toxicity. The ones who cant excrete mercury are the ones who are very toxic....and these are also the ones who tend to show little to no mercury in test results. If the body has a hard time detoxing mercury its not gonna be showing up in big amounts with these tests. I had almost no mercury showing up in my hair analysis. I also had 3 urine tests (follwing chelation).... I did have mercury showing up in all of these tests but not in significant amounts. There was no test result that screamed mercury toxicity. My doctors had to figure out whether mercury is truelly the problem...and if it is...why is it not being excreted. The two biggest reasons are chronic infections and genetic weaknesses. I have both of those issues...but the genetic weaknesses that I have seem to have set me up for toxicity and infection. Unfortunately, there's no simple test......if there was we wouldnt have so many doctors and dentists out there denying that mercury is harmful. A person who represented the dentist that drilled out my fillings told me (very honestly) that even if I am extremely mercury toxic as a result of exposure from the work done in their office....there is absolutely no way to prove it. Even if my body is loaded with mercury there is no way to directly link it to fillings....or anything else. Mercury comes from many sources. Also, even if my body is loaded with mercury there is no way to directly link it to any health problems that I'm now having. Everything she said is true....its a very difficult thing to determine and its impossible to directly link mercury in the body to a specific health problem. Even though my tests didnt show it....I always felt very strongly that it was the problem. I wasnt sick prior to my dental work....and then I was suddenly sick in a way that was incomprehensible to me. I had to take many tests to rule other things out (or in). I saw 4 different alternative doctors who tested me energetically for heavy metals among other things (using different methods). Every one of them identified mercury as the biggest factor in my health problems. All doctors agreed that it was there.....but not coming out. We started looking into the genetic aspect and ordering those tests (a last resort because chelation was not effective for me) and the genetics indicated that I have alot of issues which significantly impair detoxification. I have also had urine tests and blood tests that have identified problems with detoxification. There is lots of evidence that my body's ability to excrete mercury is impaired....although at this point we have yet to see large amounts of mercury coming out. A toxicologist (or any mainstream doctor) will not be able to help you with this. You need to see someone who understands what mercury does in the body, how to test for it, how to interpret results that are not straight forward, and who has alot of experience with chelation, etc. I prefer to see doctors who are primarily treating autistic kids.....because many of them do have alot of success with working around genetic issues and getting the mercury (and other metals) out. All of my doctors have alot of experience working with autistic kids. Personally, I wouldnt choose a doctor who isnt knowledgable with regards to the most effective treatments available for autism (including diets).
  11. All silver fillings (amalgam) contain mercury. From my understanding the formula was changed sometime in the early 70's and this made the fillings less stable....so that more mercury is released from those fillings. As far as I know nothing has changed since then except that more dentists are starting to not use them.
  12. Dylan, alot of people have felt the way that you're feeling. I felt that way. There was a time that I could not read because I could not retain any info. and like you said "everything was fuzzy". I would sit for hours and find myself just starting at the same page....so I would never really get past the first paragraph. I would zone out and find myself just staring at the wall and this would go on and on and on....everyday. I still space out sometimes but nothing like that....and only for brief periods of time.....because I ate something I shouldnt have eaten. I let my body recover and the effects pass pretty quickly. Mercury messes up how your body functions so that its unable to handle things the way that it should. Hormones, enzymes, detoxification, neurotransmitters, vitamins, minerals, etc....everything can be thrown out of whack. This is why your hands feel cold. You might need thyroid hormone and/or iodine to improve that. A non-conventional doctor (who is knowledgeable about mercury) can help you figure it all out. You need to get your body so that it is functioning better before you can worry about detoxing mercury. Get some things back in balance. Remove toxins from the diet....eat organic as much as possible like Purple said. A doctor can test your thyroid, iodine, neurotransmitters, etc. to see where any defciencies or imbalances are. The problems that mercury causes are intracellular....which is why you can feel the way you feel and yet the conventional doctors dont find anything seriously wrong in their tests. Try to find a doctor who understands what to look for. I would not recommend following the protocol that you posted about (I think its Cutler's protocol?) because you are not in a good place for that right now. Also, you still have fillings! I'm sure you must have read that chelation is NOT safe for people who still have fillings. You dont want to burden your body with even MORE mercury.....you want to start clearing out toxins first (diet!) and then look into removing the fillings. You cant get on a protocol like this while you still have the fillings. Knowledge is power....I couldnt agree more! Get yourself informed. Do alot more research. Not having enough knowledge can be hazardous to your health. Chelation while still having fillings in your mouth can be hazardous to your health. There is alot to think about and to work on before starting chelation. You need support in alot of areas before your body can handle that. Parents who are treating their kids using a protocol like the one you mentioned typically are working with doctors and have done many things to prepare for it. The kids DO NOT have fillings in their mouth.
  13. I think you're probably watching the "Smoking Tooth" video. The visual really affected me the first time I saw it.....which was in the waiting room of a biological dentist. Moving mercury from its storage places is not benefical unless you have alot of support for your organs and your body is able to excrete it. Yes, you can pull mercury from your brain and if it has nowhere to go it will most likely end up BACK in your brain (not good!). Also, you may pull mercury from other areas of your body which then may be redistributed and the body has to find another place to store it. That other place could end up being your brain. You end up with more problems then you started with if things go wrong. People sometimes end up damaging organs (kidneys and liver especially) by doing things without seriously looking into it first.
  14. I didnt take it that way at all. I think you are just looking for an easy way to feel better right now. Honestly, in my opinion the easiest way for you to feel better is to stop taking in more toxins/chemicals. You will feel better avoiding the foods that are adding to your burden. I still have the mercury issue......if it were so easy to get it out...it wouldnt still be there. I didnt improve because I got rid of mercury. I had dramatic improvement because I reduced my exposure to ADDITIONAL toxins as much as I possibly could. If I was eating processed food everyday I would be a complete toxic mess. OK....I'm still a toxic mess but I feel pretty darn GOOD considering.
  15. The thing that you are not understanding is that there is a REASON why all of this poison has accumulated in your body. You are not able to detox very well. By taking this stuff you will possibly be mobilizing mercury so that it is moving around your body (causing more damage) and not actually leaving your body. If you were able to excrete mercury efficiently.....you wouldnt have become toxic (assuming that you are). This is why you shouldnt attempt to get rid of it on your own. Some of those things that you are wanting to try PULL mercury from where it is stored. If you already have mercury floating around (from the fillings) you would be ADDING to that by pulling more mercury into your system. Not a smart thing to do right now....I gotta tell you that. If you wanna absorb some of the mercury thats in your system take something like activated charcoal....or maybe try a little chlorella. Those things wont PULL more mercury into your system. They do not mobilize mercury and I would definately not recommend that you take anything that would mobilize mercury at this point. The stuff you wanna take doesnt "cleanse" you......they contain sulfur compounds which are capable of moving mercury around but do not have everything that is needed to get the mercury safely out of your body. For example they can pick mercury up....move it around and then DROP it. Once its loose in your system if the body cant get rid of it...it will be redistributed. It can end up getting moved into your brain when it may have been stored in a much safer area before it was mobilized. Trying the diet for a day isnt giving your body enough time to get rid of the toxins that it CAN get rid of. I felt worse for a few days before I started to feel better. Mercury is not easy for the body to deal with. If you're already loaded up from chemicals....trying to get the mercury out is gonna be pretty darn rough. You are going about it backwards. Clean up the diet first. It takes more than a day.
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