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  1. I have seen some of your prior posts. I am suffering from food intolerance flare ups presently and I am trying to convince my Dr to let me try Ketotifen. I wanted to know if you could send me the name and phone number of your prescribing Dr. My case is my GI Drs first one of a non celiac nature and she would like to discuss it with other Drs who are using the meds. Thanks!

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I havent had a cough that could be attributed to gluten but I definately think that its a possibility for you. I dont do well with processed foods and usually avoid it. Earlier this year while I was eating things I shouldnt have been eating I caught a cold which turned into a bad cough. Every...
  4. Same here...my reactions to coconut had nothing to do with its antifungal properties.
  5. I have gotten mouth blisters from foods containing sulfites. I would say that the mouth ulcers you get from wine are caused by some type of sensitivity....sulfites would be a strong possibity. Unless a product specifically states that the coconut is not preserved with sulfites...I just assume...
  6. They do use sulfites in some flours...as a "whitening" agent....also most starches contain sulfites (corn starch, potato starch, etc.). They dont have to be listed as an ingredient on the product....but can be found in many different ingredients. Corn syrup, lemon juice, white grape juice, etc...
  7. Alot of coconut products are preserved with sulfites....even if not clearly labeled. Its not uncommon to be sensitive to sulfites. If you have the same reactions to fresh coconut (right out of the shell) then its not a sulfite issue. If you tolerate the fresh stuff.....then sulfites are a possibility...
  8. Linda, Allergy testing and intolerance testing are two different things. A "true" allergy is IgE-mediated....its an immediate reaction. It sounds like the bloodtest you had was for IgE...you can check your results to be sure.Since you say it was done by Quest....I'm assuming it was allergy testing...
  9. Sarah....this is AWESOME! See what can happen when we make our concerns known! WOO-HOO It wasnt even difficult! A single email and a very quick response showing concern, regret for any confusion and an intent to make appropriate changes to the wording in order to protect any Celiac's...
  10. We're talking about cross contamination (CC) here....NOT intentional consumption. With regards to Celiac's using GlutenEase....we've ONLY been talking about how that might benefit a person who is exposed to small amounts of gluten as a result of cross contamination. My interpretation of...
  11. Sarah, I havent changed my mind. I said that the words "flattening of the villi" can be misleading. That was the only part that bothered me....nothing else. From my own understanding of Non-Celiac gluten intolerance I find everything on the page to be true. However, I said that "flattening...
  12. As of right now....we dont have any evidence of it. If I research the enzymes and find that BY FAR these enzymes do seem to be helping people....I'm gonna pay attention to that. When I ask my doctors what their experience is with enzymes and they tell me that they are extremely helpful...
  13. U.Z....these are all very good points.
  14. This has already been posted and discussed...more than once. YES....they DO state a cause for gluten intolerance...an inability to digest gluten IS a cause for gluten intolerance. This has already been hashed over... You can go back several pages and we had this exact same discussion....
  15. Yes...and this is why its not a treatment for Celiac Disease. This is also why it can be VERY helpful to someone who is NOT having an autoimmune response (Celiac). If it digests the protein enough to allow it to pass through WITHOUT causing inflammation...this can prevent a person from developing...