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Allergic to honey

SAD syndrome (I miss the sun)

1985: tetany with convulsions due to Calcium-Magnesium deficiencies

1997-98: Hyperthyroidism (went normal after)

2007-2009: chronic sinusitis

March: sick, depressed and grumpy + IBS and shortness of breath

April 2009: discovery of the century...there is something called celiac.

Sept 2009: Negative blood tests (inconclusive in May)

October 2009: Vit D deficient

  1. I am hungry all the time: my gut must be really leaky!

  2. OMG there is no way I stop eating those! It is all the good stuff. Why would cocunut be there too...coconut oil is so good for health. Honestly, I believe there must be something else to look for so that we don't stop eating everything good. Tomatoes are the one I eat almost every week. I think if I do flush all the toxins in my body I will be able to eat evrythg incl gluten I am kiddin...

  3. Did you find salicylates? Tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, coconut, raspberries, strawberries, etc.

  4. Did you find salicylates? Tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, coconut, raspberries, strawberries, etc.

  5. In reference to the itchy skin, have you thought about salicylates? Look them up and see if they are in your diet. I was having a real issue with them and itched all over. Took them out of my diet and eliminated the problem.

  6. I get muscle spasms too and mostly in the back. I used to wonder what it was when I was still eating gluten. My mom has a lot of spasm like that but she isn't excited to go for the test. I think I will end up paying the test for my whole family if I want them tested
  7. Thank you Roda. It does have a strong smell to me anyway. But I know that I don't tolerate certain smells. Sometimes, I have to spit food people give me or even restaurant food and it usually has to do with fats oils and butters. Right at this moment, after reading your reply I went to check the...
  8. I know this is an old thread but I just started taking coconut oil. It gives me nausea and I have problem with the strong smell. I was so eager to use coconut because of all the benefits. Coconut milk may have increase my acid reflux but almost anything I try with my caffeinated brings me or increase...
  9. Hi there, I didn't know that Gerd was one of the celiac symptoms. I have acid reflux from most foods I eat except when I eat non spicy meat with vegetables. Sugar, milk, spices and fried food are the worst. For many years, I naturally got rid of the problem by following a 80% alkaline 20% acidic...
  10. Thank you for the links. Yes, I will let you know what happens for sure. For now, I am just everywhere thinking it could this (fructose) and that (gluten or lactose etc). Today, I read on honey allergy and fructose intolerance and I learned that honey is high in fructose so is jam and jam has never...
  11. Thank you for your reply and please tell me anything you know about fructose and other sugars allergies. I still don't know if I am a celiac disease patient but all I know is that I must be intolerant to something in cereals probably gluten and some sugars. Fructose malabsorption does it mean that...
  12. Maybe it is about the amount also. Maybe the other food is balancing something for her. I am really careful with honey as I have a quick bad reaction. But I like Greek pastry and usually have honey balls that are supposed to be in honey syrup and I never had a reaction. Must be very little honey...
  13. I am ok now and there is no honey in my house but the last time I tried it was just honey a small spoon. The reaction was quick and I think I was still standing in the kitchen when I started sweating and having nausea. And it is not pollen, the only thing I am allergic in the environment is dust...
  14. Honey is a natural product, a nutritive sweetener and even a medicine for some. Yet, I get sick if I take half a spoon. I used to get a light discomfort when I used honey in yogurt or tea. Then, one day I bought a different jar and decided to check if it was really honey or something else. I used...
  15. Hi LadyC, I have been Dx with the equivalent of Panick Attack in French speaking countries "Spasmophilie". The word spasmophilie comes from spams as the person who has it gets neuromuscular spams. They also usually say that North-Americans don't recognize "spasmophilie" and don't treat it as...