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  1. Nadia2009

    Is There A Name For This Diet?

    Is there LGG in BioK or Dr Ohira probiotics? I have been taking those two for some time.
  2. The Internet guy from Texas isn't the only one to say all grains are bad for your health. Even Loren Cordain the paleo...
  3. Nadia2009

    Confused By Potato

    Too bad I am reading this now that I switched to olive oil. I always thought olive oil wasn't good for frying and I knew...
  4. Gemini, I never eat there either but I sign the petition anyway because I hate soy products From what I have read...
  5. I am hungry all the time: my gut must be really leaky!

  6. Done. I'll sign any day a petition against soy products. Soy is everywhere and it is not only GMO but it messes up hormones...
  7. Nadia2009

    Leaky Gut Diet

    I am trying the GAPS diet but I have hard time respecting all the rules like no potato or sweet potato when they are...
  8. I take melatonin with doctor supervision to work on my circadian rhythms and my skin has been darkening since then but...
  9. Nadia2009

    GAPS Diet For The Poor?

    Domesticactivist, I am starting to think GAPS...it is a start.
  10. Nadia2009

    GAPS Diet For The Poor?

    Thanks for your reply. I am notorious for forgetting posts if I don't reply the next few days. But I am glad I am reading...
  11. Oups, I didnt see this post earlier. But I can't compare with my own results because we use different systems and units...
  12. Nadia2009

    Enzyme Question

    It is even more depressing now if this means I will never be able to have dairy, nuts, beans, seeds and eggs. It involves...
  13. Nadia2009

    Enzyme Question

    I am sorry to hear about your dad. Celiac can be a silent killer and H pylori is often associated with celiac as I have...
  14. Nadia2009

    Enzyme Question

    Thank you for the info. I am going to buy mastic gum and coconut for sure and I already have oregano oil. Anything...
  15. Nadia2009

    Enzyme Question

    Thats right. Thank you for reminding me. Sorry for my rant. These days, I am all over the place in the GUT section of...