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  1. Domesticactivist, I am going to check your blog for recipes. I have been reluctant making changes in my diet but I am trying to be more open to Gap, paleo while feeling depressed already mourning the food I will have to bury and forget about.

  2. Hi, thanks for all the helpful GAPS info you have posted :). Quick question, if you dont mind: I'm vegetarian & would like to do gaps, I am prepared to eat fish to make the boths - do you think fish stock/broth alone could be as effective (altho perhaps take longer) as using meat/chicken offal etc.

    Many thanks!

  3. I used to dance ballet and I would not be at all surprised if there was flour paste in them. They use a glue solution to soak the tips of the shoes in and form them into the correct shape before hardening, I'm pretty sure. Then they are covered in satin. I bet there is a "making of" video somewhere...
  4. Did your doctor run a celiac panel (single blood draw) as well? The tests run would be: tTG IgA EMA IgA AGA IgA AGA IgG total IgA DGP (this one is now replacing AGA, it is more specific) Here is my current understanding: An IgE reaction is your immune reaction to gluten, where the body...
  5. You've got great responses! Just chiming in to say, we make kefir (water kefir and dairy kefir) as well as kombucha, yogurt, and fermented veggies. You can order grains from Cultures for Health or you can get them from someone in your area who makes kefir. People are usually happy to help. We...
  6. In general it's usually gluten-free but FULL of corn syrup. We make our own. I'd call the number listed on the bottle and ask my questions rather than guessing!
  7. We had left-over home-made chili. We just introduced white beans and tomatoes after about 6 months with no nightshades or legumes, so it has been pretty exciting!
  8. I just got home and smelled fish. Turns out my partner had just eaten sardines. I thought I'd try some and had the whole can, oh, and some fresh strawberries. I don't feel at all like I missed dinner (I did have a stir-fry with duck and broccoli earlier, though)
  9. It could be the pork, or it could be the crap they cover it with in order to sanitize it. The FDA requires that USDA meat is processed with citric acid, which is mostly derived from corn these days. In Oregon, local meat producers can choose to use ODA standards instead, and use cider vinegar instead...
  10. [b]Correction:[/b] The 20 ppm designation is an [url="http://www.fda.gov/Food/LabelingNutrition/FoodAllergensLabeling/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/ucm111487.htm#q8"]FDA Proposed Rule[/url]. While some manufacturers have voluntarily used this guideline, others do not. This rule...
  11. Tonight we had salad with homemade ranch, fauxtatos (mashed cauliflower chock-full of butter), baked asparagus, and baked salmon with dill. I should have taken a picture.
  12. Hi, I started copying all our blog posts here so that when one was particularly relevant to a thread, I'd be able to link to it rather than basically rewrite the whole thing out in the thread. This was a hassle, since I had to make sure to strip out product links and links back to my blog for each...
  13. My partner, Kelsy, wrote this, not me! As Joy and I settled into bed last night at midnight(!), I suddenly jolted awake. We forgot to do the chores! Our poor bunnies were hungry and thirsty and, after losing a chicken to a raccoon last week, we were definitely not leaving the coop open all night...