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  1. Domesticactivist, I am going to check your blog for recipes. I have been reluctant making changes in my diet but I am trying to be more open to Gap, paleo while feeling depressed already mourning the food I will have to bury and forget about.

  2. Hi, thanks for all the helpful GAPS info you have posted :). Quick question, if you dont mind: I'm vegetarian & would like to do gaps, I am prepared to eat fish to make the boths - do you think fish stock/broth alone could be as effective (altho perhaps take longer) as using meat/chicken offal etc.

    Many thanks!

  3. domesticactivist

    Need Help With A Diet

    We use the Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Our daughter takes the Green Pastures Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil blend. My naturopath started giving me B vitamin shots. This is a good way to supplement it because it doesn't rely on your gut for absorption.
  4. domesticactivist

    Need Help With A Diet

    I can't believe I missed this thread! You've already gotten good advice. Our family has been on the GAPS diet for a year and it has worked wonders for each of us in different ways. I highly recommend doing the introduction GAPS diet. It really helps both with healing and with identifying foods that cause you problems, since you start out so basic and slowly introduce them. I also love all the variety of naturally probiotic foods. (In addition to Fermented Cod Liver Oil and GutPro or Bio Kult probiotics).
  5. domesticactivist


    We make our own as well. Stock is always on hand and that makes it REALLY easy to whip up a variety of soups at the drop of a hat.
  6. domesticactivist


    Yup. I have ADD when I'm eating gluten, as does my daughter. My son has ADHD and extreme dyslexia when on gluten. We're all much more able to think clearly without it. The GAPS diet has also helped. You might be interested in reading the book - it's all about the gut brain connection. Studies are now starting to show links between celiac and ADHD, schizophrenia and other mental conditions. There are probably a lot more people with gluten sensitivity but not celiac (like myself), who benefit mentally from being gluten-free. A bit of googling and pubmed searches will turn up some interesting stuff! Here's a start: http://www.healthnowmedical.com/blog/2012/01/20/15-of-children-with-adhd-have-celiac-disease/
  7. Bubbas mom sainwhat I was going to. Do not put her back on gluten! An endoscopy now could be good for follow up testing purposes either to compare with a previous result or as a baseline for future testing. Has she been screened for other autoimmune diseases? Hashimoto's, liver conditions, diabetes type 1... I'm on my phone so can't pull it up more details now but I write a clear report with tests requested and reasons for them. If your dr won't run them look for another dr or order yourself online. I believe you've been careful and ate informed re: cross contamination, but some people are exquisitely sensitive. I'll pm you some resources on that later. There could be things you never dreamed we're a problem affecting her. If she is in school, btw, that could be the problem right there. Or... It could just be taking time to heal. Those are very high numbers, it could take time for them to come down significantly.
  8. domesticactivist

    Need Celiac Doc For Pregnancy Check Ups!

    Whether this can work depends partly on where you are, but I used midwives for both my pregnancies and deliveries at home. My midwife's husband was a naturopath which worked out great. It was about a tenth of the cost of seeing a regular doctor, and my babies and I got much better care!
  9. I know the feeling! I never want to leave my kids and fear for them when I'm away (or they are). When we started making our changes it was especially hard because they were going back and forth to their dad's house, and I had to trust him. But I say go on your trip! If you are looking for an excuse not to go, then by all means this is a fine excuse. But if you'll be able to have a good time, do it. His first weekend off gluten is not something that's likely to cause him big problems. If he was starting a gluten challenge and may end up in the hospital or something, my advice would be different. Since he's cutting it out and you've tried it before, and he has a competent daddy - let daddy be in charge. I'm in an unusual position, because not only am I mama, but I also have a female partner who has been primarily in charge of our dietary changes for the past year. So I know what it's like both to be the "mom" AND what it's like to be the "useless husband." So many husbands get stuck in this pattern of not being the primary caretaker and so not being fully up to speed on how to take care of the kids. The other day I overheard a mom telling her partner all the details of how to put their baby to bed, where the binky was, all that. It made me sad! When my partner's grandpa died and I had to suddenly take over everything while she traveled, then I drove up with the kids after her, believe me, she was scared I wouldn't be able to handle it. But I did!!! The weekend will be a great chance for your husband to have some awesome daddy-kid bonding time and to take care of things on his own. I say let him do it!
  10. I hope you tell all those drs exactly what made the difference! Maybe they'll eventually think to tell others What a happy surprise!
  11. Yay! Congratulations! That could definitely confuse your symptom-tracking Is it your first baby? Any idea when the baby is due? I bet your doctor will be surprised!!!
  12. domesticactivist

    Distended Abdomen

    You mean I might have a butt someday? !!!
  13. domesticactivist

    Recently Started gluten-free Diet

    Ps my add got much better gluten-free and came back worse than ever during my two month challenge. Same with my nonceliac daughter. My son's ADHD cleared up as did his extreme dyslexia. This really does affect our minds!
  14. domesticactivist

    Recently Started gluten-free Diet

    Your post isn't too long at all welcome! I felt horrid when I first went gluten free. Part was withdrawal and part was that I tried some gluten free products that didn't sit right with me. I've gotten the vertigo (dizziness) from medications and I've also gotten it seemingly randomly. I just got it the other day, actually. I was near the end of my gluten challenge and was given a gluten free treat at a gluten-free meeting. I normally don't eat things with sugar, any grains or stuff like xanthan gum but I Thought I'm already such a mess, might as well. I started feeling weird half way through so I threw it out. I went to bed, and woke up with vertigo that didn't go away for hours. I guess my point is that if you've been eating substitute products there may be a new to you ingredient causing the vertigo. Check the labels for anything out of the ordinary!