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  1. Anyone have any issues with this? I didn't pre-gluten free, I could eat loads of them with no trouble. Fast forward to...
  2. http://www.gfoverflow.com/results.php?q=advil
  3. I can't find anything that's conclusive; even emailing their customer service didn't help, they just gave me the typical...
  4. Tylenol is for sure gluten-free? I can't find anything anywhere to confirm it.
  5. josh052980

    Cleaning My Coffee Pot...

    Yeah, it's not a glutening. I feel similar, but not as severe. Plus, like you said, vinegar is gluten-free because of...
  6. josh052980

    Cleaning My Coffee Pot...

    I'll keep Heinz in mind next time, I just grabbed a store brand this time. Didn't know it'd make me react at all though...
  7. It gets really hard sometimes being the only on in my family who is gluten-free. I get a lot of eyerolls if I say something...
  8. Anyone have any tips here? Before I was gluten-free, I'd use white vinegar, but I react to white vinegar despite it being...
  9. josh052980

    Spicy Food?

    I emailed La Costena to check on gluten/MSG, just to make sure, but I've never read anything about them not being safe...
  10. I've been gluten free for about 3 years now, and am overall feeling MUCH better. I've had the typical ups and downs that...
  11. Anyone had any problems with this? I found out the hard way that I apparently can't handle oats, and having Chex or gluten...
  12. Beware, there's some TMI to come. That said, I'm wondering if anyone here had an issue where they could seemingly do...
  13. josh052980

    Seasonal Allergies Causing Symptoms?

    Well, at least I know I'm not imagining it. Hope you guys feel better soon as well, and thanks for the birthday wishes...
  14. I'll give it a whirl. I've just gotta lay off the Tums, they can do some nasty stuff to a person, especially if you eat...
  15. Is there anyone who can help me out here? I need a substitute for Tums that I can use when I'm feeling glutened. They...