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  1. Could your doctor draw smaller amounts of blood for you?  I had much better luck gaining weight when I started eating beef two meals a day. I gained three pounds a week, when I had trouble maintaining my weight before that.  Also, where are all the vegetables?  Eating white rice...
  2. It also needs to be stated that broad spectrum antibiotics are going to be killing off your good digestive flora along with the bad bacteria. That's going to make you feel like crap, regardless of whether or not it contains gluten.
  3. I used to work for National Amusements theaters. Their stuff is fine on the gluten, but I wouldn't eat the buttery topping if you have a soy problem...leave it plain.
  4. is still trying to figure out this whole 'was I glutened?' thing.

  5. is on the challenge diet. Was I really this tired before? How did I do ANYTHING?