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  1. Well that was a giant waste of time. I paid a $30 copay just to have the doctor tell me to take Aleve and wait for my specialist appointments. Yeah, that's a great idea doc. My stomach is probably f$#%ed up in some way, but I should fan the flames of that fire and screw it up some more. *headdesk...
  2. Interesting. My ferritin was in the 30s way back in July even though I eat a ton of meat. How did you find your doctor?
  3. First day of the carbohydrate intolerance diet did not go well. I'm very sore, and my joints ache. I'm cutting out the cheese, sour cream, and nuts that supposedly are a-okay on this diet, and I'll see how I feel tomorrow.
  4. No, I didn't even know that was a thing. I asked for a full thyroid panel from my doctor a couple of months ago, but my PA refused to order the full one. She just ordered the same two tests my previous doctor did. I haven't put my foot down about possible thyroid issues because my symptoms do...
  5. I'm pretty much going through this now. My limbs and left quad have a tendency to go completely dead hours after I eat gluten (and other carbs and sugar) so I have cut them all from my diet. My muscles are sore and weak, all my joints hurt and get stiff in the morning , I have headaches, I'm tired...
  6. Thanks Vanby and GAJulie for replying to my massively frustrated pity party from last night. Right before bed, I found something called the two week test to help diagnose carbohydrate intolerance. You basically cut out all grains, FRUIT, sugar, milk, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, legumes...
  7. I give up. There's got to be something else going on with me than gluten issues. I've had pretty horrible all-over joint pain, muscle soreness, stiffness, and insomnia since before Thanksgiving, a few weeks after going gluten free and four days after getting a flu shot. I do not think either...
  8. I can't answer your question, but as a former teacher, I had to chime in. ***Begin Rant*** These teachers asking her to stop clearing her throat in class need to have their head examined!!! WTH? What poor classroom management skills! I would never have asked a student to stop clearing...