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  1. Me as well - It is unintended, but I have to be so focused in my job as well and some of it comes from having a rough go so to speak - being sick since i was in my twenties and having to work so hard for so long at our health, something that comes naturally and without effort for most of our peers. When you are sick, your priorities line up much more quickly. You can't afford to "waste" precious energy. And you find out very quickly who your true friends are when you have health issues. Nancy
  2. Carla- I am so glad you are doing so well. In what ways, specifically are you doing better, or is it more generalized? Will you have to do maintenance? Do you think I should plateau with Dr. H before I go, or is it advantageous to go at any point during treatment? If you could do it all again, would you forego the anti-biotics and go straight to photon therapy? What is Dr. H's feeling about the therapy, if anything? I seem to be making the most headway now with the Babesia, with memory problems (I can recall words again!! pretty necessary for a writer!) and with OVERALL health, but I do sense I am hitting a wall dealing with the Lyme as my fibro is still very bad as are sleep issues and morning symptoms. I have had the Lyme for so, so long, i feel like it needs a JOLT. Is one type of Lyme patient a better candidate for photon treatment than another? And one more question - how do I find the people who are going in the spring? Thanks!! Nancy
  3. Just to clarify..on the Yasko yahoo group I am a part of, CFS Yasko -it is universally accepted that if you suffer from CFS symptoms, do stay away from Methyl B12. I get much, much worse on Methyl B12. Everyone in this group is also doing the Yasko protocol and about half have done the genetic testing. Many are NOT seeing dramatic results yet and have a certain level of frustration as some have been at it for many months if not years on and off. This group is extremely knowledgeable and I think a bit broader in scope. They deal with every topic we concern ourselves with - mold and Dr. Shoemacker's protocol, methyl/ blood brain barrier, ammonia, candida, supplements on and off the protocol list, test results and interpretation, colon polyps, infrared sauna and detox and on and on. The Chronic Fatigue can't be fixed with a magic bullet and many in this group are not treating bacteria or parasites and that is a major cause of the fatigue. Nancy
  4. Thank you so much Nora. I can't get the Lymenet posts as I am getting an error, I will try to do more searched on Lyme Net. Nancy
  5. Nora- Thanks for your info also...I have some questions, though. Is the Biophoton treatment one and the same as the Bionic 880 that Carla is/was doing? By the way, how is Carla doing? I would love to go to Germany, and would like to go sooner than later, but I need to get a bit stronger. Maybe in the spring. How do I find out about the detox foot baths? I am a little worried that it may be too much detox at one time for me. Can you regulate for how long and how strong? Nancy
  6. [quote name='aprilh' date='Nov 18 2008, 11:37 PM' post='486270 Happy Belated Birthday Sherry! Hope you are doing okay. Post when you can and let us know whats up.
  7. I know they are really good for you - I found this from googling. I was craving them just this morning. Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds are one of nature's almost perfect foods. They are a natural source of beneficial constituents such as carbohydrates, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. They contain most of the B vitamins, along with C, D, E, and K. They also have the minerals calcium, potassium, niacin, and phosphorous. Pumpkin seeds have mainly been used to treat prostate and bladder problems, but they have also been known to help with depression and learning disabilities. Nancy
  8. You could not pay me enough to get a flu shot. God only knows what the vaccines did to us. I heard an awful story yesterday from my naturopath (who is in San Diego, we talk be phone and she was just at the Lyme conference with all of our doctors!) Anyway, she told me a story of twin baby girls who were getting their vaccines. The doctor (not the naturopath) confused them and gave two vaccines to one and none to the other. The twin who got the couble dose is now autistic, the other is normal. I fear that if a baby has Lyme in their system, when they get the vaccinations, the viral overload causes the Lyme to escalate and cause damage. I have read too many stories to not believe that there is a correlation for all of us between vaccines and what we are going through now. I mention this because in my Newsweek this week, a doctor wrote an entire book about how there is no connection. Anyway, I digress. I am still searching. All three doctors that I called went to many DAN conferences, but again, I just think they play with the treatments to see what works without getting to the cause. What kind of doctor is this doctor? I think you mentioned before, but i forgot Is there a way that I could get a referral from him? Maybe you could PM me his info and I could call and ask for counterparts on the East coast. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I put a request on the Yasko site, but so far, someone wrote to me to ask me for a doctor! Nancy
  9. Don't know if this was mentioned but I use Trader Joe's gluten-free brownie mix and then use egg replacer for the eggs. It is DELICIOUS. The only grain used is rice flour. The air hunger has really abated for me. I still get some shortness of breath. I do notice that if I am a bad girl with eating - like I have dairy or nuts, the air hunger comes back. I have been off yeast for a while now, but I do notice that yeast worsens the air hunger and tightness in the chest. Because I am doing herbs and anti-biotics, I now have raging candida and I am on both Diflucan and Nystatin - both temporarily, but I can tell you that some symptoms went away when I started those drugs. Zithromax killed my stomach...it was awful. In the past, I had done so much to try to heal my stomach and with the help of Zithromax, my stomach went back into full fledged IBS - nausea, sweats, feeling faint, cramps, gas, bloating. Many people have issues with this, so I am told. So, don't be surprised if you have issues. I don't have insurance, so knowing that these drugs could be an issue, I ask the pharmacy to only give me a few days worth at first. I don't fill and pay for the whole thing anymore. I am taking Artemisinin 200 mg - 3x a day Mon-Fri, then I take a break on the weekends. So, 5 days on, 2 days off. I am also on Enula from the Cowden protocol. I also take Olive leaf extract and Japanese Knotweed to try to boost the whole regimen. Who knows it is helping, I am exhausted all of the time. Since you wrote the above, i was trying to find an entry from the CFS-Yasko group. A woman wrote about the exact phenomenon you all have talked about here. She explained in great detail how the metals, if they don't go out, get reabsorbed in the duodenum and that is why we get those terrible symptoms before a BM (I do at least). She was told to take tons of magnesium malate with charcoal (again, she was more technical) as a cleanse to make sure the metals were coming out and not getting reabsorbed. Anyway, not to get to disgusting, but I have been feeling yucky all day, then I pooped and voila, I feel much better. The Cowden protocol says to take Zeolite every third day, but I feel so good the day after I take it, I am wondering if I could take it more often. Also, I have upped my magnesium to tolerance (in other words, until poopage is possible ) because I was getting constipated again (must be one of the herbs) and that has helped. Nice to meet you too. Nancy
  10. Carla- So the you're doing well and you're feeling the effects so soon, so quickly, that is WONDERFUL. It is also very encouraging for the rest of us as we contemplate taking a trip of our own. Good luck and lots of well wishes. Nancy
  11. Hi everyone- Been tolerating the computer better lately. Wishing Donna good thoughts and I hope she recovers well. Hi to Little Lymie, nice to meet you. About the Mercury, where are we getting exposed if not only from the fillings and fish? Is there anything we Americans can do to cut down on our exposure? Also, I am having a heck of a time finding a doctor that knows anything about the methylation pathways. Most of whom I am finding are the types that throw everything at the wall and see what sticks without doing the proper tests and these were the physicians I found through the DAN! lists. So far, none know about the tests you all talk about here and on the Yasko yahoo group and I don't know how to find a practitioner to help me. I think have figured out that my Lyme infection is less of a problem than the residual damage as I am not herxing much with a pretty aggressive treatment. So, I want to start chipping away at the blockages and the mercury and then, what to do with my very large filling. However, the Babesia is a huge problem and I think Sherry mentioned it as well, I sweat like a mofo (sorry), I get drenched. Dr. H did a hormone panel just to make sure it wasn't hormones (which are low, but not the issue). I am on Enula and I pulse Artemisinin and boy do I sweat. My tests for Babesia came back positive, but it showed that my immune system does not even recognize it. Who knows what that means. I cannot think of an incident when I got sick like you guys can. I had health problems almost from the beginning of my life. It did get much worse and make me bedridden in 2006, but I would not call myself the picture of health up until that point. I think if you can pinpoint the trigger, it can help with the treatment. I had big trouble with charcoal, it gave me instant IBS. But, occasionally I do well on Zeolite. Sometimes when I take it, the next day I have a great bowel movement and it feels like it takes all of the toxins with it. The only problem is that it doesn't happen often enough and not too much lately. Hi to Carla - how are things going in Germany? Wanted to tell you that I really feel like I am in good hands with Dr. H as he is very thorough and conscientious, so thank you again. Nancy
  12. Thanks so much. When you go to the sushi place, do you specifically mention that you can't eat gluten, or do you just request that they not put wasabi on the roll? Thanks again...I am excited to getting out there and eating!! Nancy
  13. Hi all- I haven't had sushi since I went off gluten and I MISS IT!! I have gone to supermarkets and read the packaging and I found only one thing of concern; some wasabi contains wheat as an ingredient. Knowing this, I have stayed away from sushi because I know some sushi places put a little wasabi on the roll itself. I don't like the imitation crab on the california roll, I could bring my Bragg's Amino Acids and I could ask to read the ingredients on the wasabi. Would I cover all my bases? Also, I love seaweed salad and don't see any cause of concern there either? Any red flags I am not thinking of???? Nancy
  14. hey paula, I have been able to be on the computer the past couple of days and I read what you wrote. In case no one else mentioned it, I was told that antibodies for gluten can show for years after you stop gluten. You produce the antibodies for a long time. Also, I read in some book I forgot which (by Shari Lieberman), that there is a protein in tomatoes that is similar to gluten and the body can confuse it with gluten and still produce the antibodies!! I guess that especially applies when you first stop gluten and the system is oversensitized to it. Nancy
  15. Hi All - I haven't been on line much as it was making me nauseated and sick to my stomach. I just started catching up and reading and Carla is going to Germany....WOW. I am seeing the LLMD Carla recommended and I am starting to feel a little better. I have been there twice and spoken to them once on the phone. They are very responsive and thorough. I feel like I am in good hands now. It only took 2o years!! As I treat the Lyme and Babesia I am trying to slowly treat the methylation on my own with the Yasko limited protocol, but I only take the supplements every third day and I cut the supplements into quarters. I hope to start reading you all lovely ladies every day again soon. Nancy
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