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  1. Hi all- Recently I wrote about many reactions to liver cleanses, glutathione cream and various meds. When people wrote back sulfur metabolism issues was listed as a possible cause. I have read up on it and I am sure I have this. I recently thought I was having issues with balsamic vinegar because...
  2. Bea- Thanks for all of your help. I do some of the things you wrote about. And I am a bit confused about the Pekana stags. They claim to be gluten free and for a time their renal remeday - Renelix helped me. I think I just had my first case of gout so who knows if that was helping me. I went...
  3. Rachel- Thanks for getting back to me. I have seen your picture a lot and have read many of your posts on the thread "OMG...I think I am on to something." I think it was your posting that I learned about high oxalate foods - as I have fibromyalgia. Anyway, I always remember you because I too...
  4. I have endometriosis and severe PMS. I have been off gluten for 9 months now and very little has improved other than my vestiblular neuritis. I am much older than your daughter, so healing for me will take much longer. But, thanks.
  5. Hi all- I read a thread from two years ago, but I thought i would start a new one. I am a little scared. Any herb, cleanse I try gives me terrible symptoms and I am very worried about my liver. In the past two months I have tried the following; Nystatin, Glutathione cream because of...