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  1. Aw, thanks, Ski! I'm here...lurking. Not in a springtime mood as they're predicting 4 to 8" of snow tonight/tomorrow. Phil was wrong...winter will not end it seems. I'm thinking of making pizza tonight, too. Last time I had it was two weeks ago when my 14-year old granddaughter spent the...
  2. Thanks...just happy the holidays are over and now I should be on a decluttering mission. I haven't cooked anything worth reporting except my granddaughter and I made pizza recently. LOL I honestly don't know how you can tolerate temps like that. It's not nearly so cold here except it was...
  3. I wanna go with Ski and search the beaches for cabana boys. And let L2T cook some amazing food!!! She doesn't know who she is or what she is but one thing for sure, she's freezing her butt off.
  4. They should pay us for telling everyone how much we love these pans!!! :lol: The End.
  5. Glad I got you to try that recipe!!! And I got my son-in-law in Denver making it, too, for my celiac daughter! I may just abandon any urge to try any more new pizza crust recipes. And it's just amazing how well my new pizza pan works (I'm falling in love with USA Pans).
  6. Nor do I except I bought some nice fresh green beans yesterday and that'll be the veggie...now to figure out what else I want to go with them. Last night I made pizza using Bette Hagman's pizza crust recipe.
  7. Hey, just have lots of champagne and you won't give a hoot about the cheesecake!!! :lol:
  8. You can bet your last dollar that it'll be us washing those dishes!
  9. I think Karen should volunteer her hub, like she did for plowing snow. The muffins are good, especially warm after a few min. out of the oven. I use Pamela's pumpkin bread recipe and make them into muffins. Easier. No slicing.
  10. I looked, too, both the index of the my last several issues and online. No red velvet cheesecake recipe to be found. http://www.livingwit...s/archives.html
  11. I only got 9 muffins out of that batch and still have two left but want to bring some for friends tomorrow especially since one picked up a couple more bags of cinnamon chips for me. :-) Oink! Nope...Maggie has never tasted them and she's a chubster, too! /s/ Chubster
  12. Good of you to volunteering you hub! LOL We can give L2T the house with the gorgeous kitchen as she'll be doing the cooking. We'll probably need a lot of houses...maybe we should buy a development. Speaking of USA Pans, I also bought the hamburger bun pan, which I should try out soon. I have...
  13. I also baked a loaf of that bread that was 5" tall...and it had to be crammed sideways into my toaster. I don't have "encores"...mine are strictly "leftovers".
  14. When we have that gluten-free compound, this girl does not plan to shovel at all!!! We can all chip in and pay someone else to do it!!! Last night I made pizza using Bette Hagman's crust recipe and my new USA pizza pan. Great investment as like all other USA Pans, I did not even have to...