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  1. Wow. Given the current economy and how hard jobs can be to find, that's a tough one. I think at the very least he should...
  2. lilu


    No, no, no... Please do not give him gluten! From an addiction perspective that's like giving an alcoholic a little bit...
  3. lilu

    Lunch Ideas

    So, suggestions on what to bring FOR lunch... There are some good frozen gluten-free meals available if you have a...
  4. lilu

    New To The Forum

    You can do this and we are all here to help! Recipes, tips, how-to-starts, shoulders to cry on, success stories to...
  5. Can't help but notice that it sounds like you were eating a lot of processed foods. Maybe I misread? Anyway, if you...
  6. lilu

    Cross Contamination & Loved Ones

    Re: body products, etc. I wondered about this too at first, and ran into several contradictory statements... Yes,...
  7. 1) GI docs can go either way... They can be very knowledgeable or not. It's kind of a roll of the dice. Also, they tend...
  8. One thing I have found helpful is to provide them with MEDICAL information. Unfortunately, it seems that those who don...
  9. lilu

    Discovering New Gluten Free Foods

    I don't know if you have Albertsons, but where we are they carry a lot of Schar products
  10. Hubby's coming home from a LOOONNNGGG business trip tomorrow! Yay! I' took the opportunity while he was away to REALLY make our home Gluten Free - cleaned out the kitchen, new toaster, new utensils, new bakeware. Then I used all that wonderful new stuff to whip up some gluten free goodies! Homemade croutons, snack mix, bread, all the things I know he's been missing on the road!

  11. I had an issue with my doc not knowing what tests to order, and so I took the list of tests and contacted the lab directly...
  12. lilu

    Discovering New Gluten Free Foods

    Wow! Great ideas! You know, you can also make chex mix gluten-free... Just omit wheat chex and increase rice and corn...
  13. lilu

    First Meal At A Restaurant

    I'm proud of you too! Big accomplishment!!!
  14. lilu

    I'm Freaking Out

    I don't have any good advice or wisdom, but I wanted to send you hugs and hope anyway! It's a journey...