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    NASCAR, most sports, Hot Air Ballooning, reading (sci-fi only) , TV and traveling once I can figure out how not to get sick.
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    Sacramento, CA

About Me

Disagnosed w/Biopsy Aug. 27, 2006

Blood tested October of same year but that was negative.

Diagnosed with Depression 8/2010 - still struggling big time.

Diagnosed with Restless Legs Syndrome 4/2011

Also have Chronic Fatigue which seemed to develop in July 2007

Fibromyialgia, reactive arthritis and about 6 month after the Celiac Diagnosis got the IBS diagnosis,

Also have other annoying food allergies like caseins, soy, etc.

YIPPEE!!!! Probably missed something but thats plenty.

Last attack November 2010, the whole month.

  1. Hebrew National is fine. I have to be free of both and that is the brand I eat since I know we (jews) don't mix meat and dairy. I have never ever eaten meat and dairy together even before diagnosis. Plus they are the best in my opinion so enjoy.
  2. I use Mac and Sephora make up but I do not use conceiler so not sure about that. You still need to read the labels and the sales girl was great help. I have been gluten from my lipstick before so I was real careful finding make up.
  3. I wish there was a pill that can help us all no matter what the issue is.
  4. I am always tired too any the doctors have no clue why.
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