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  1. farmwife67

    Completely Grain Free

    The website I found is www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned). There are many videos. ...
  2. farmwife67

    Completely Grain Free

    Can you give me some casserole recipe or ideas? sure would appreciate it!
  3. farmwife67

    Completely Grain Free

    Interesting with meat pairing. I eat a lot of those very combinations...yum Thanks never thought of that possibility...
  4. farmwife67

    Completely Grain Free

    Yes anything made from rice or corn (corn syrup, corn starch, butyou can make your own corn starch.
  5. farmwife67


    I found I was gaining weight because I was buying all of the gluten free processed crap! I decided to go completely grain...
  6. farmwife67

    Completely Grain Free

    I found a great website www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned). All grains contain gluten...
  7. farmwife67

    Completely Grain Free

    I eat as many fruits as I want and I do eat potatoes a couple of times a week and I still am losing a pound or two a...
  8. farmwife67

    Completely Grain Free

    Please share recipe!
  9. Have you tried eating completely grain free? (no corn or rice) I would encourage you to visit www.(Company Name Removed...
  10. Has anyone else gone completely grain free. (No corn or rice) The main reason I tried it was for weight loss. I'm finding...
  11. farmwife67

    Glutened By Blue Diamond?

    Remember peanut butter would be totally different because peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes.
  12. Did he mention if the fact that I have been eating gluten-free would cause a negative result, as it does in other celiac...
  13. I'm wondering if I have DH on my scalp, but I have been eating gluten-free for a few months and I'm wondering if the...
  14. I know it is nice to have a diagnosis, but I wouldn't get hung up on that. Just start with a gluten-free diet right...
  15. Just wondering what DH on the scalp is like?