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  1. I have the soft bouillon cubes from Knorr and I don't see any gluten-free labeling on them. Does anyone know the status on these?
  2. )-: I don't know if I will do the challenge or not. I think to be absolutely sure I would have to do it for at least 6 weeks. If I did it for a short time and then was negative I would always wonder about it. What you are experiencing is why I am hesitating. Also, I took the gene test as well and...
  3. My answer isn't all that helpful, more in the spirit of empathy since I am still in the process of diagnosis and can't say celiac or intolerance at this point. But before going gluten free I had many a morning with a puffy face and an aching neck and migraine. From what I've read it is a sign of...
  4. Ah. I wondered if there was a gluten meter than I hadn't heard of. I test for glucose 3-4x a day. Especially when I started the diet and the food diary. I wanted to see where my sugars were going with the LCHF diet. I haven't noticed non-carb related spikes with particular foods with the exception...
  5. Thanks for the reply Cyclinglady. Do you mean a blood sugar meter or something else? My husband actually has LADA/type 1. Worth keeping in mind as I hadn't considered it before. Good point about checking for gluten. I did myself in with gummy vitamins for a while before I thought to look.
  6. Enis_TX: Thank you for the reply. I'm doing Atkins/Keto/Paleo combos so I would love recipes or tips! I started with Atkins but they use a lot of sugar alcohols in their products and those don't agree with me. I still use the tracker but I've switched to more fats with the Keto macros rather than...
  7. Ravenwoodglass: Thank you for the reply. Glad to hear your symptoms went into remission! I am amazed at all the things that just stopped without gluten to fuel the reaction. I do have the genes for RA, type 1 Diabetes, and auto-immune thyroid issues and Crohn's. I don't know how predictive that...
  8. Hi All, Thank you for the informative forum. I've been reading articles here for a couple months now and they have answered some of my more desperate initial questions and fears. Apologies in advance for the book I'm about to write. I'm looking for a little advice and I'm not sure what is important...