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  1. I keep three things on hand for such instances or if Im actually having an outbreak - a gluten enzyme (a gluten blocker would also work - to keep the gluten from being absorbed in full), a digestive enzyme to help break it down and either benadryl or a natural antihistemine Quercetin. These and a...
  2. I googled and it seems to have side effects if used long term. But right now, i dont care. It works. Do you use it too?
  3. Thanks all. Ive actually been having some luck taking one OTC Benadryl each night. May not be the healthiest thing long term but i definitely needed a break from the far too frequent itchy and ugly bumps. And its working. Hopefully this thread gives others lots of options.
  4. Trying again.... Does anyone with DH on the face have a method of camouflaging it other than straight makeup - self tanner, spray tans, even trying for an actual tan?
  5. Kareng- I guess this is an okay thread to "chat." Sorry in advance to other "DH on the face" people for going off topic for the next few paragraphs. Biopsied - yes. And seemingly properly but the tests came back "Immunofluorescence studies are negative", "superficial and deep perivascular...
  6. Kareng - Thanks. All 100% true. But since those points are covered in many, many other places on this site, i thought a one stop shop for topical itch relief might be helpful to me and to others.
  7. Im new to this site and to DH but not new to this sort of Board. I thought it would be helpful to have ONE thread, pinned if possible, which clearly and coherently listed the methods used to combat this awful itch. It certainly would make things easier for me and other newbies. (Emailed hints on...
  8. Im new to the lovely world of DH. It came on like gang busters - elbows, knees, buttoxmand then rapidly spread down my thighs and the itching was crazy with bumps and blisters. Then the size and quanty of new bumps got smaller but they literally went from the bottoms of my feet to the top of my...