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  1. is there any one else that has the rash and dont have celiac.. I was told by 2 drs you dont have celiac.. Please help , this rash is horrible
  2. he wrote me this message While people with DH are at the same risk for the complications suffered by people with celiac disease, as many as 20% of people with DH will have a normal intestinal biopsy. However, DH patients with a normal intestinal biopsy and normal celiac serology (blood...
  3. yes I have had 3 endoscopy with biopsies and I can post results here but have to figure out how to do it .. and yes I did take Dapsone 200 mg for 3 months and it did absolutly nothing so quit taking it ... I am going back to Mayo on May 18 so we will see what they say this time. keep ya posted
  4. saw my Dermatogist yesterday and we had a very long appointment . and he said yes you can have DH without Celiac .. he swears by it . also I have break outs on my face and he said I am his 2nd patient with DH that has it on the face. Does anyone else have it on there face.. I believe in my dr as...
  5. and yes I i get my blood checked once a month and it has been fine..
  6. I have been on gluten free diet now for a year in april but still break out all the time.. so from what I am reading you have to have Celiac to have DH correct . why are these drs telling me different ... I dont know what to do
  7. all I know of is Dapsone and I went from 25 , to 50 and now 100 its still not working very well. still on a gluten free diet lost over 25 lbs so now seeing a dietician... I am 101 and 5 ft .... I have a problem with protein intake .... and of course constipation.. ugh
  8. no never had the sweats with DH
  9. I was diax with DH and I dont haVE cELIAC. Dermatologist said anybody can get it. I was tested 3 times for Celiac and do not have it. Also had 2 dermatologist look at me and both agree DH . hAD A BIOSPY of my knee.. one was here in sioux city and the other at Mayo. Just to let people know. Roz...
  10. does anybody else have contant belly aches with this... dont know whaqt to do
  11. same here have lost 30 lbs and need to gain help
  12. iS THERE anybody on here that has taken dapsone and really got better with no side effects...please let me know as my dr wants to raise dosage and I am allergic to sulfa