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  1. I'd like to pick up some Patak's spicy butter chicken cooking sauce. The Patak's website says that their products are gluten free, but I'm being extra cautious. (I get DH and have been feeling better since doing 6 months of the Fasano diet.) My diet is rather bland, so being able to eat this would be a great addition! (I love Indian food!) Thanks for sharing any insight you may have ...
  2. Any experiences with Annie's Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese? I'd love some mac and cheese but am unsure if there's any on the market safe enough for someone that deals with DH. I did the Fasano diet and did the six months of non-processed foods ... I'm not sure if it'd be wise to try something like this now.
  3. disgruntledceliac

    Soy and celiac question

    Thanks all for sharing your experiences. I'll keep it in mind moving forward.
  4. disgruntledceliac

    Soy and celiac question

    Prior to going on the Fasano diet my celiac wasn't improving, and I would have nasty reactions to foods including dairy and soy. I did six months on the Fasano diet and can now feel great and can handle dairy. Is it likely that I can now handle foods that contain (or are cross-contaminated with) soy, or should I continue to steer clear of it?
  5. disgruntledceliac

    Tea and celiac?

    Did six months on the Fasano diet to clear up my DH. Feeling a world better now, and am trying some foods/beverages not included in the diet. What's the word on herbal tea? I was gifted some Tetley green mint tea, but haven't tried it yet. I know that tea itself shouldn't have any gluten in it, but I'm always cautious about cross-contamination in factories. I've also heard of tea bags that include gluten. Any experiences to share?
  6. disgruntledceliac

    Possibly contaminated "gluten free" food? What to do?

    Thanks for the reply. One day later and I haven't broken out into DH or experienced any other nasty symptoms. So hopefully it was a false alarm. Fingers are crossed ... it definitely gave me a scare.
  7. There's a type of yogurt I'm fond of that I feel safe eating. I stick to their plain flavour, in order to avoid extra ingredients that might make me sick. Today I was eating it when I noticed what appeared to be red syrup near the top of the container. (I smelled it and it smells like raspberry/strawberry-flavoured syrup.) Now I'm spooked that I might get sick due to cross-contamination. In my case, I get a bad case of DH when I am exposed to gluten. (Haven't gotten sick in six months due to strict adherence to the Fasano diet.) I'm on a low dose of Dapsone. This possible exposure happened within the last hour, so it is too soon to notice any bad results. Hopefully nothing happens. That said, in a situation where I do get sick from this, is there any way I can reduce the effects? (Yes, I'm being very vigilant. Better safe than sorry though, when it comes to celiac/DH.) I appreciate any insight/advice.
  8. disgruntledceliac

    Alcohol on the Fasano Diet?

    Thanks all for your responses. I tried some locally produced ciders and came out a-okay. It was nice. I'm not a big drinker, but having my first couple drinks in over six months was a nice change of pace during the holidays. I have some Glutenberg that I was gifted. I've avoided drinking it because it is made from millet, which is prohibited while on the Fasano diet. I'm generally adhering to the Fasano diet as my base diet for now, while expanding into other foods to see how I react. (So far so good.) After six months of following the Fasano diet should I be okay to try a Glutenberg?
  9. disgruntledceliac

    Alcohol on the Fasano Diet?

    Thanks for the reply kareng. Great point. I guess I'm wondering if my stomach healed -- as per the goals of the Fasano diet -- what would be some drinks that would be relatively safe to try? As I mentioned above, I like cider, gin and vodka (to varying degrees) and wouldn't mind giving some of these a try.
  10. disgruntledceliac

    Alcohol on the Fasano Diet?

    Hi folks, Been on the Fasano Diet for close to six months. Feeling so much better, and my DH finally went away. With the festive season coming up I'd like to know if there are any alcoholic beverages safe for somebody following the Fasano Diet. Most gluten-free beers I know of contain millet, which isn't okay under this diet. How about ciders, gin, and vodka? Are they ever safe? Any tips?
  11. disgruntledceliac

    Fasano Diet discussion

    I think I might have reacted to something that I've re-introduced to my diet. I have a small bumpy patch forming on one of my temples, which is where I get DH. It has developed in the past week, which coincides with the re-introduction of dairy as part of my diet. It also coincides with the return of potatoes to my diet (I was eating mostly rice and sweet potatoes beforehand). I don't really have stomach issues -- just what I suspect is DH developing. What do I do now, according to the Fasano Diet? Do I drop dairy and see if the DH goes away? Drop dairy and potatoes?
  12. disgruntledceliac

    DH on the face

    The only thing that cleared up the DH on my face was going on the Fasano Diet. I'd recommend it to anyone dealing with this stubborn problem. It takes extra effort to sort out your meals, and it is restrictive, but the results are worth it.
  13. disgruntledceliac

    Fasano Diet discussion

    Thanks to you all for your replies. I really think more discussion of the Fasano Diet is in order. I've been on the diet for 3 months and feel great. My DH has finally gone away, and I don't really notice any of the old symptoms. I've been extremely strict with the diet. The only exception is that I added a multivitamin after a couple months on the diet. (It is the MegaFood daily multivitamin ... it is advertised of being made from whole foods and is gluten/soy/dairy free.) I don't think the multivitamin has had any negative effects on me over the past month. (I've had the occasional odd/loose bowel movement, but I think that has more to do with other factors including my rice-heavy diet and the assorted veggies I eat a lot of.) So I'm looking to try dairy again. Any suggestions here? cyclinglady suggested going with a hard cheese ... is this a better bet than starting with a glass of milk? If I go with milk, does it make any difference what I try? (I considered going for some of the lactose-free milk that contains lactase, but I don't know if that's any smarter than going with a regular batch of 2% milk.) Anyhow, let's keep talking Fasano Diet.
  14. Hi folks, I went gluten free a couple years ago, but wasn't recovering, so I started the Fasano Diet after talking to my doctor. After three months of this diet my various symptoms (rashes, stomach problems, etc) have gone away. I'd like to learn more about the diet, but it seems about all I find is the same basic description of how it works and what foods are okay. Are there any threads that discuss people's experiences with the Fasano Diet? I have a bunch of questions to ask, but even on celiac.com I'm having trouble finding people on the same diet as me. Anybody want to talk about this? One of the things I'm wondering about is re-introducing dairy. The Fasano Diet guidelines say you can do this after four weeks. I've been tentative about trying it again.
  15. disgruntledceliac

    DH and related complications

    I just wanted to add that the Fasano diet has made a world of difference for me. It is limiting in its options for 3-6 months, but after 2 months my DH has gone away for the first time in a decade. Look into it and see if it works for you.