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  1. Well, this is VERY interesting. Since going gluten free, my periods have become irregulars - either 20 days, or 35/38 -. Since I was 47 when DX, and 49 now, I thought "perimenopause" and tried to live with it. Now I think there are all sort of links between hormones and gluten. There is at least...
  2. You're making me think that my extreme sun sensitivity is not a matter of age but of depleted skin resources due to celiac disease... who knows! It would be a nice thing...
  3. I'm extremely sensitive to the sun and get burned quite easily, with splotchy red patches. The sensitivity did worsen with age - perhaps also because I get less holidays and less time at the seaside and my skin is less accostumed to the sun, but also because it gets drier with age. However I never...
  4. this topic is extremely interesting. In the last couple of weeks I've been drinking for breakfast - at home - a tea of the brand KUSMI TEA (French), "Anastasia" wich has bergamot, orange and lemon flavourings. Approx, I've been having light diarroeha and stomach cramps for the same period. Notice...
  5. thanks, you guys. I'm happy to report that today my vision is clearer: I'm still myopic, but it's much less blurry and the brain fog I felt yesterday also has cleared. It's the weirdest sensation... not least because when I feel better I wonder whether I have been imagining things. Dilettantesteph...
  6. Hello everybody - this is my first post. Technically I'm still waiting for a confirmation of my diagnosis: the results of my biopsy should have been in last week but Xmas time has slowed the lab at the hospital here in ROme. I'm 47. I spent an awful November with several different symptoms and...