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  1. Test came back 'normal' even though IGG and IGA was in the normal/high range after a 7 week test (previously I was almost gluten free for a year). My ALP was normal/low. To even speak to a specialist for a biopsy would take at least 6 months. There is no way I can continue with this challenge as depression has set in, my skin rashes on my legs looks horrible and my under eye circles have my customers asking me if they can grab me a coffee (dispite all the make up I have on). I'm just going to go back to a gluten free diet as I felt 100% better before and maybe one day get a genetic test done. Thanks for bearing with me folks.
  2. Is that possible? I'm getting this crazy itchy, red and blotchy rash on my jawline and cheek area. Its starting to peel and just looks disgusting.
  3. Week 7

    Constant aches and pains. I always have a stomach ache, my knees hurt, I want to go to bed by 8pm and I'm taking ibuprofens a few times a week to help my headaches. On top of that, at week 5, I started to develop this facial rash that is intensely itchy on my jaw bone and is red and blotchy on my whole cheek area. It almost looks like psoriasis. Can DH appear on the face too? My eczema on my legs are NOT itchy, but are gross looking, similar to that of ringworm. I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and finally got to take my blood work. Hopefully in 2 weeks, I will have an answer to all my plaguing symptoms.
  4. Day Thirty One

    MGR I'm exactly in the same position as you are right now. On week 7 its just constant aches and pains.
  5. Leg Cramps

    Keep taking the magnesium. It really is the only thing that works. Eat foods that are richer in it as opposed to vitamins as your body really does absorb it better from its whole food source.  I like CALM brand magnesium citrate.
  6. Thanks for the replies. No one in my family has been tested for celiac, just me and thats because of my "ibs", stomach aches and fatigue amongst other symptoms made me decide to finaly get tested. If the tests come back negative, i know enough from a previous year of being gluten free that i feel so much better that i feel like a biopsy doesnt matter to me. I just dont want to go gluten-free again, only to find that i bave to have a biopsy for some specific reason, thus having me do the gluten challenge all over again.
  7. Hey Canucks. If your blood test comes back positive, is there any good reason to go get the endoscopy done. If I read this right, Americans can have insurance claims with regards to the disease ONLY if they have the scopy done, and some countries will not draft you into the army, but again, ONLY if the endoscopy is done. I just had the blood work done and won't know my results for 1-2 weeks. If I can stop eating gluten now, I would LOVE to, but if I have to continue for an endoscopy, I'll keep up with the challenge. Thanks.
  8. I react within 24 hours, BUT if its a liquid, its usually while I'm still drinking (ie beer=headache instantly).
  9. Eat a gluten free banana Jamie. haha ;p Hope you're feeling better.
  10. Day Thirty One

    Alright. So its been a month since I've started doing the challenge and now my the tip of my thumb is starting to crack and peel. Now, some of this is to blame on the cold weather, but I DO recall that when I was almost gluten free last year, my thumb hardly split at all. I am FINALLY free of that cold/laryngitis thing. That only took about two weeks to get rid of. I'm not starting to find that after I eat, I am still SUPER hungry. Could it just be TTOTM (ladies will understand) or am I at the point where my body may not be getting its nutrients, therefore its hungry still. I usually eat 1800-2000 calories a day, but the last 8 days or so, I'm up to 2500 and I haven't been more active than I usually am.
  11. Ever since I was a kid, I've always had this line under my eyes. As I've gotten older, its gotten deeper, especially now that I get puffy eyes. Just today I found out that the technical term for this is Dennie-Morgan Lines (or allergy wrinkles), typical of those with eczema (which I have). Does anyone else have this issue? It only bother me because my concealer ALWAYS creeps into it, and when you're trying to cover up major under eye circles, they become a hassle.
  12. I showed my doctor the rash and instantly he backed away with wide eyes with a 'wtf is that' look. Of course, I knew what it was before hand (thanks google!) and was hoping he could offer some suggestions for it to get better but he just told me to suck it up until it runs its course. I just remember my skin peeling off like a bad burn and the majority of that rash was my inner thighs, right where the inseam of your pants are. It was horrible. I can only imagine what shingles would be like because pityriasis was brutal!
  13. Day Twenty Two

    I'm still not over this cold/laryngitis. Just when I thought it was over, WHAM! I'm totally fatigued again today and my throat is tightening up. I also noticed that a lymph node at the back of my neck has become swollen. I remember as a kid I used to have swollen nodes in my neck ALL the time and my doctor making a comment on it. As for symptoms, I'm either battling IBS-C or IBS-D these past few weeks. Oh the joy.
  14. Since I've reintroduced gluten back into my diet these past few weeks, my eczema has come back. I know eczema is common in celiacs but I want to ask, how many of you get a 'non-itchy' kind? I have always had this and what I have closely resembles nummular eczema. From my understanding, its looks like coin or oval shaped lesions which is what I have all over my legs and now along my jawline. I saw a doctor once when I was a kid regarding it and all he said was put hydrocortisone cream on it if its itchy, but it never has been. Of course, when I went almost gluten free for a year, it pretty well disappeared but now its back and I'm just wondering if anyone else has gotten this type of rash before. BTW, its not DH. Doesn't look anything like it and its not in the same usual spots. I did get pityriasus rosea for 3 months once though and my God I hope to never get that again!
  15. I feel your pain. I'm in Ontario and noticed the shipping is redonk. I wanted to buy some make up for theatre work since I can't get it anywhere, but amazon dot ca had it, but it was going to cost $30 for a $25 pot of makeup. Then I saw the fine print that they couldn't even ship to Canada after all. Argh.
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