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    Final year university student with a passion for long distance running (preferably somewhere beautiful), aerial acrobatics and food (I'm vegetarian and gluten free).

    Diagnosed by tTG IgA September 2013 - >100u/ml
    Gluten free 11th October 2013.
    January 2014: tTG IgA down to 22u/ml
    May 2014: tTG IgA down to 15u/ml

    Can't wait to heal up and improve my running performance!
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  1. Alesusy it sounds rather like you're describing my glutenings! Just feels like everything...
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  12. I have no idea if it's visible to the naked eye but damaged tooth enamel (and therefore...
  13. Hehe thank you! I fell in love with the place during my gap year in 2010-11 and now run...
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