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    Final year university student with a passion for long distance running (preferably somewhere beautiful), aerial acrobatics and food (I'm vegetarian and gluten free).

    Diagnosed by tTG IgA September 2013 - >100u/ml
    Gluten free 11th October 2013.
    January 2014: tTG IgA down to 22u/ml
    May 2014: tTG IgA down to 15u/ml

    Can't wait to heal up and improve my running performance!
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  1. Awww, Laura! Yes they're back to where they should be (and my boyfriend and family wish I'd slow down a bit now. Hehe).
  2. Mine was at 3 in September - I took fairly strong supplements for six months and it's now remaining normal by itself which I am very pleased about! It's made such a difference to how I feel.
  3. Struck lucky with my new GP and had to stop myself hugging her. Yay!

    1. LauraTX


      I have hugged doctors before while praising them, it can be a wonderful thing to have a great doctor!

  4. Impromptu camping trip on Sunday night (yay) at the end of an already busy weekend = spending Friday night thinking about Monday morning's breakfast

  5. KCG91

    Wonderful Friends

    Yeah! I'm still smiling about it a few days later. I'm not sure... There are two restaurants I eat at where I feel completely safe so next time I eat there with someone I feel comfortable explaining my requirements in front of (like my parents or boyfriend) I'll take note of how I feel. Hard one...
  6. KCG91

    Wonderful Friends

    The last few weeks have been a bit fraught over here with uni finals and The Job Hunt beginning, to the point where I ducked out of a dinner and night out with old school friends on Saturday because I didn't want to join in with the chat about uni and jobhunting, or to once again grill waiters in...
  7. Do you mean it starts during the hike/ride once you've eaten? If so I sympathise, I'm a distance runner and I can't eat anything solid while I run. I can't have more than one gel during a session either (think it's those chemicals) without 'protest', shall we say, so that isn't a particularly good...
  8. Hey Leanne, I'm in the UK too and if you've been seeing GPs with unexplained vaginal bleeding and they aren't investigating that then they need a !. You shouldn't have to pay for something the NHS should be doing (I know that's easier said than done when they are point blank refusing to take you...
  9. I haven't linked ingesting gluten (though touch wood I haven't majorly glutened myself...yet) with vaginal bleeding, but I realised after diagnosis and a few months completely gluten-free just how erratic and weird my cycles had become - irregular, varying heaviness and really painful! Since going...
  10. In the three months after going gluten-free I reacted to whisky in a way I hadn't before - horrible horrible cramps, bloating and gas. Six months down the line and all is good again If you are new to the diet it is fiddly working out what you can tolerate/re-introduce but preferable to cutting it...
  11. Sounds like a great trip! (I'm hungry now, thanks) We decided on camping this year (June) as it was easier than finding somewhere to eat GF. Can't wait now :D (But we only have a tiny car so we won't be offroading ;))
  12. Thanks! I'm soooo pleased with them!
  13. KCG91

    Celiac Rage

    I don't know enough about anything other than iron unfortunately :( It just occurred to me because it's another factor that changed around the time you went GF so it is probably, in some way, responsible for how you feel now. Maybe worth creating a forum post about it for those more informed than...
  14. So I collected my blood test results after three months gluten free. When I was diagnosed my ttg IgA was >128u/ml, with 'normal' being <7. Today it is at 22u/ml! Poor doc was a bit confused because for many people this would be high, but obviously for me it's a massive improvement. I wasn't...
  15. KCG91

    Celiac Rage

    Never mind hugging you, maybe I should hug my (normal-ish) poop?! Ew, no. No no. No.     Doesn't one normal one count as progress? (Or were the subsequent ones so bad as to cancel it out?!) I'm sure you've gone over it already but could any of your supplements be causing/contributing...