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  1. Oh that is really interesting i never knew that, Diabetes does run in my family, my Grandad had it and my Dad currently has it, i am only 26 thought so i always thought you didn't get it till you were older!? The blood is definitely coming from the vagina, and i do bleed when passing stool occasionally...
  2. Oh wow that is really interesting!! I usually just go and see my GP, i am British so a GP is just a general practitioner, so they aren't specialised in any field. I have been going to different doctors for years and i had the same 'Oh some women are just like that', and apparently i was supposed...
  3. Oh i cant't remember what tests i had, just blood tests, they were over a year ago! I had had years and years of erratic periods and used to only get a 10 day break before coming on again, it was only when i gave up most gluten foods that i noticed i bled less. It is so bizarre!
  4. Oh wow, infertility? I didn't know that! Ok well i will be 100% gluten free, i just cant believe it is in so much, even pasta sauces!
  5. I am really worried and i can't seem to find anything online and my doctors seem to be no use so i thought i would ask you all! I decided after Xmas to give up Gluten, i have been tested for Celiacs as my mum has it and i also show some of the symptoms. One blood test came back positive and one...