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I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January 2013. I also have Lupus and Common Variable Immunodeficiency(CVID) for which I am on IVIG.

  1. Good Morning LauraTX,

    I am writing because I understand that you are asymptomatic Celiac. I too show no outward symptoms. I was diagnosed three weeks ago because of my low ferritin and some minor bloating (confirm but endoscopy). I have been on a Gluten Free Diet for  three weeks now. Since we do not have symptoms, I have no idea if I am getting CC. When you started your diet, how soon were you tested and did it show good results? My iGA was 193 and hope to see it drop and my ferritin was 17. I fear that all my work will reveal negative results. I am trying. My wife is good at preparing food for me but I read that milk, oats (gluten-free) and other ingredients could be an issue. I use a lot of spices and sauces (homemade - pure spices in natural form) on my meats. I also make baked goods with gluten-free Flour (blueberry muffins and cookies - I have a sweet tooth). I am just wondering on your success while on a gluten-free diet with no way of knowing if you slipped. Thanks.

  2. The original post from here is 8 years old and the product information is likely outdated. I would contact manufacturer on any info over a year or so old, but even then things can change.
  3. Have you subscribed to gluten free watchdog? They have some great test results and info on what tests they do and why. If you want specific items to be tested and will fund it, you may contact them to see if you can help the community as a whole.
  4. Do note this topic started 9 years ago and some of the posts you guys are replying to are three years old. The crunchy cheetos which I occasionally binge eat are now part of the Frito Lay gluten-free list, so enjoy your cheesy snack!
  5. It is kind of a well known thing that some people drink their coffee to help them poop. Obviously it is going to affect the GI system + more of some people, and they seem to be suffering from "Gluten Blinders" where everything is blamed on gluten and nothing else can ever be at fault. That is why...
  6. Your husband appears to have some bad habits that can be disruptive and cause anxiety for you. I understand both sides of this spat. On one hand, the water that goes into your mouth definitely has not had gluten added to it. On the other hand, the argument does expose the fact that he is not washing...
  7. They do make the straight, thin gluten-free pretzel sticks as well. Having been a pretzel fan my whole life, it is not uncommon to find a mutant pretzel in there. They can be extruded with machines, and sometimes the shape doesn't come out right.
  8. For the recipe you mention, I would just try it and substitute tapioca starch for the potato starch. If that makes it too doughy, then remove the potato starch and adjust the other flour ingredients by a little bit so the total amount is the same. It may be something you have to play around with...
  9. Do you have any cardiac or respiratory issues? When my asthma is bothering me and I don't get enough oxygen while eating I have those kinds of symptoms you describe. But it could be other things. While I understand it may be easy to point a finger at the cortisol, it is really unlikely to be spiking...
  10. If it is a one time thing, I would not go see a doctor about it. It could be any of the above things you mentioned, like insect bite, ingrown hair, pimple, etc. If it is just the one and it is healing fine it won't need attention. Just one of those things that can happen on the skin, and the body...
  11. Could you go into detail about what symptoms/evidence leads you to believe that your cortisol level rises when you eat? Cortisol levels in the blood aren't necessarily something that you can feel immediate fluctuations of... rather, cortisol causes slow changes in the body, and if you have high...
  12. I have lupus with my main symptom being arthritis as well. Lupus is a disease you have to kind of get to know with your personal circumstance. It is a really up and down thing- some days you feel like death, and others you feel just fine. On the days you feel great, you have to be mindful to not...
  13. A therapist is not going to have the extensive medical knowledge to understand every chronic condition out there. The first few sessions with any new therapist are always going to be building the base so they understand you and what you are going through. There won't be as much work in those first...
  14. While I haven't tried that specific recipe, most pie crusts can be frozen before baking. Things like fruit pies can be frozen whole unbaked and then put into the oven for easy prep.