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I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January 2013. I also have Lupus and Common Variable Immunodeficiency(CVID) for which I am on IVIG.

  1. Good Morning LauraTX,

    I am writing because I understand that you are asymptomatic Celiac. I too show no outward symptoms. I was diagnosed three weeks ago because of my low ferritin and some minor bloating (confirm but endoscopy). I have been on a Gluten Free Diet for  three weeks now. Since we do not have symptoms, I have no idea if I am getting CC. When you started your diet, how soon were you tested and did it show good results? My iGA was 193 and hope to see it drop and my ferritin was 17. I fear that all my work will reveal negative results. I am trying. My wife is good at preparing food for me but I read that milk, oats (gluten-free) and other ingredients could be an issue. I use a lot of spices and sauces (homemade - pure spices in natural form) on my meats. I also make baked goods with gluten-free Flour (blueberry muffins and cookies - I have a sweet tooth). I am just wondering on your success while on a gluten-free diet with no way of knowing if you slipped. Thanks.

  2. The original post from here is 8 years old and the product information is likely outdated. I would contact manufacturer on any info over a year or so old, but even then things can change.
  3. Have you subscribed to gluten free watchdog? They have some great test results and info on what tests they do and why. If you want specific items to be tested and will fund it, you may contact them to see if you can help the community as a whole.
  4. Do note this topic started 9 years ago and some of the posts you guys are replying to are three years old. The crunchy cheetos which I occasionally binge eat are now part of the Frito Lay gluten-free list, so enjoy your cheesy snack!
  5. If it is a one time thing, I would not go see a doctor about it. It could be any of the above things you mentioned, like insect bite, ingrown hair, pimple, etc. If it is just the one and it is healing fine it won't need attention. Just one of those things that can happen on the skin, and the body...
  6. Welcome to the forum, pippy! Do note that this thread is five years old and product information may have changed in that time. Store gluten-free lists are not all-encompassing. As far as applesauce goes, check the ingredients and if there is no gluten ingredient and no allergen statement...
  7. They are discontinuing the chex GF oatmeal, the news came out this week.  It is due to poor sales.  That is why I try to give my money to the trusted GF brands like Bobs and Glutenfreeda- the major companies aren't doing it to serve people with Celiac disease, they are doing it to make...
  8. Welcome to the forum, Almas! The original poster has not been active on the forum since 08 so you may not get a response. However, if you are dealing with throat soreness from GERD or excess acid, definitely go see a GI doctor as soon as possible. It is something I deal with as well, and it...
  9. Welcome to the forum! Whether or not you get a niacin flush when taking niacin supplements depends on a lot of factors. Many niacin supplements are made to be "flush free" with things like special coatings, since consumers may find that bothersome. Also, the dose overall could be different...
  10. Tonight I made Tandoori Chicken with roasted curry cauliflower. Was pretty good. Now my house will smell like curry for a few days and when I walk inside after being out I will get hungry, lol.
  11. Oh yes, the hatch products are certified gluten-free too. I like their enchilada sauce.
  12. Stubbs BBQ sauces and marinades are certified gluten-free by the GFCO. They are very good I think the liquid smoke is the only one that is not.
  13. Well, enough of you guys keep talking about these flourless PB cookie recipes that I am gonna try it now. Definitely no harm in adding chocolate, either, LOL!
  14. Cooking up a turkey breast sounds really good. My grocery store will mark meat 25% off late in the evening which is when I usually shop, and a lot of time it is turkey. Next time I see a big turkey breast on sale I am going to snatch it up. I could go for some pot pie, been years! I will look...
  15. Well, what have I been cooking lately? A lot, lol. I have my IVIG infusion tomorrow and since lately it knocks me on my hiney for a good 3-4 days at least, I have made a lot of stuff for easy cooking. Unfortunately my spouse is out of work at the moment so I wanted to save money over the few convenience...