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  1. You only need a high on one test to get the endoscopy/biopsies to confirm celiac. You have a high so your endoscopy is the correct next step. Sorry, no more info beyond that.
  2. How long after you got your blood test numbers down to normal until you could start eating more food and keep your numbers down? Thanks!
  3. Your doctor has the results within one week in the US.
  4. Nima Sensor detects gluten in food. Watch some Youtube videos and see if it's right for you. I have two of them.
  5. Four months isn't very long. As long as your numbers keep going down you should be good. CYA I'm not a doc.
  6. tessa25

    Work holiday party

    I wouldn't ask for $100. You can bring your own pasta dish that looks similar to the others. You can let the venue know you'll be doing it to avoid a hassle.
  7. Blood test numbers move around. If it's normal you should be good. I'm not a doc though.
  8. Genetic testing isn't 100%. And many people with celiac only test positive on one of the blood tests. So you can still have celiac.
  9. Have you had the full Celiac panel done? The full celiac panel includes: TTG IGA TTG IGG DGP IGA DGP IGG EMA IGA You have to be eating gluten daily for 12 weeks before the blood test. A positive on any one blood...
  10. I would try homemade chicken broth if you know how to make it. You can also try plain tater tots (Simple Truth at King Soopers/Kroger). If Those stay down you can try putting some butter and Land O'Lakes white american cheese in the broth...
  11. You could get the full celiac blood test done then go 100% strict gluten free for 3 months and repeat the full blood test panel. If you have celiac your high numbers should go down a bit over that three months. The full celiac panel...
  12. You can always do the complete celiac blood test and see what your levels are. Maybe you're getting trace amounts of gluten without knowing it.
  13. Here's my spiel on celiac testing. I'm assuming you've only had one of the tests so far. The full celiac panel includes: TTG IGA TTG IGG DGP IGA DGP IGG EMA IGA You can either have a new gastroenterologist order...
  14. It is my understanding that once children go 100% gluten-free they bounce back fairly quickly. But I am not a doctor.
  15. Since IGA is low, that means that TTG IGA being low is an invalid test. The purpose of the IGA test is to see if you make enough for the TTG IGA test to be valid. You can always ask for the DGP IGG test. But you do have one high and symptoms...