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  1. I am going to try the no dairy regimen. Difficult because I eat lactose free yogurt and hard cheese which is almost completely lactose free. I never thought about the milk protein being an issue. Thank you.
  2. I think this too. My gastroenterologist kind of shrugs this off. He doesn't have any answers. I am with Kaiser and my doctor has done all the protocols for celiac. My DNA test said I had one gene for celiac, but that it was very slight probability of me getting it. As I said my doctor did two endoscopies...
  3. Thank you. The brand does say gluten free, but I was wondering about it because the last three months on this very strict gluten-free diet I have eaten an extraordinary amount of rice. This is something I will investigate.
  4. Thank you for responding. I have eliminated processed foods and the only gluten free grain I eat is brown rice. I buy certified gluten free lipstick and gluten free supplements. I will take a look at my lotions. I think I am using brands that are gluten free. I never eat out anymore.
  5. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with celiac. I had stomach problems for about one year prior. My TTG test was 180. I had and endoscopy that showed mild damage to villi. Went on gluten free diet. Still symptomatic. Had another endoscopy 6 months later showing villi now normal. TTG numbers still elevated...