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  1. JesikaBeth

    3 Weeks Today

    Today marks 3 weeks since going gluten free. Overall I feel a world better!!! At first, I was sleeping really good (like the first week and a half), but for the last week and a half or so, I've had horrible insomnia. Now, I am a chronic...
  2. JesikaBeth

    Thanks, Doc

    Thanks, Valerie2622. Best of luck to you!
  3. Thanks everyone. Hopefully things start to even out! I am back at the gym, so we'll see. Thanks again!
  4. JesikaBeth

    Gluten Free In Houston, Texas?

    Awesome, thanks so much everyone
  5. 3 weeks today gluten free! Feeling much better!

  6. Hi Everyone. I have been gluten free for 2 weeks and went back from my 2 week follow up with my doctor, and I have gained almost 2 pounds. Problem is, I do not need to gain any weight, infact I am significantly overweight and need to lose...
  7. Are there any gluten free, diabetic friendly cereals? I *LOVE* cereal, but have yet to find one that is diabetic friendly. Now that I'm gluten free, I was wondering if there's a gluten free diabetic cereal? Thanks
  8. Question : Are Rice Crispies Gluten Free?
  9. JesikaBeth

    Thanks, Doc

    So I went to my follow up appointment with my doctor today, 2 weeks since going gluten free. After HE said to go gluten free and it will help a great deal. So I go in, all excited, that in 2 weeks time my health has improved drastically...
  10. I'm tired, hot (Ac is broken), cranky, and hungry!

  11. JesikaBeth

    Gluten Free In Houston, Texas?

    Thank you! I appreciate the tid bits of info
  12. JesikaBeth

    Sleep Study

    So, VERY long story I'm having to reschedule. Waiting for them to call me back... I'll keep updated
  13. What are some good options for gluten free eating in Houston, TX? I had my first dining out experience since diagnosis, at Outback. It was a good experience! Just curious as to others? Thanks
  14. JesikaBeth

    Gluten Free Expo In Dallas. Anyone Going?

    Cool, I'm excited to go!
  15. Had my first Gluten Free Pizza! Yum!