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  1. Hello all. I was wondering if anyone's mental health has overall improved since going gluten free. Especially wondering if those with diagnoses of bipolar disorder, anxiety, and/or ADHD. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Everyone. I have been gluten free for 2 weeks and went back from my 2 week follow up with my doctor, and I have gained almost 2 pounds. Problem is, I do not need to gain any weight, infact I am significantly overweight and need to lose. I have not been eating much gluten free specialty products at all, and sticking mainly with salads, protiens, and veggies. Is this normal? For those of you who are, too, overweight - how did you deal? How did you lose weight? Thanks
  3. JesikaBeth

    3 Weeks Today

    Today marks 3 weeks since going gluten free. Overall I feel a world better!!! At first, I was sleeping really good (like the first week and a half), but for the last week and a half or so, I've had horrible insomnia. Now, I am a chronic insomniac anyway, but I was rather enjoying that week and a half of restful sleep Not sure if it's a gluten thing or not, and hoping the constant waking up/not being able to sleep, doesn't continue on as regular of a basis as of late. With that said, overall thumbs up. Feeling rather grateful!
  4. JesikaBeth

    Sleep Study

    I have a sleep study tomorrow night. Unsure as to what to expect. I have chronic and horrible insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, and my partner is pretty sure I have sleep apnea. Anyone have a sleep study before?
  5. I can't seem to change my 'about me' section. It keeps coming back with "ooops something went wrong" and something about a wrong URL. ???
  6. JesikaBeth

    Thanks, Doc

    So I went to my follow up appointment with my doctor today, 2 weeks since going gluten free. After HE said to go gluten free and it will help a great deal. So I go in, all excited, that in 2 weeks time my health has improved drastically (I was also put on Savella for fibromyalgia, and taken off my other fibromyalgia medication.) Anyway, I love my doctor, he's the only one who has ever listening to me - really listened - and he's overall good with a great bedside manner. Anyways, so I'm excited and he walks in and asks how it's going, I said since going off gluten things have improved a great deal, and he said "I don't necessarily like to call it a gluten free diet, rather a stay away from breads and pastas diet". Ummmmmm WTF?!?! This threw me off... First off, I had a positive bloodwork antibody test (inconclusive biopsy), and at our last appointment he was telling me that Celiac is one of the most underdiagnosed diseases out there, even with biopsy. Then he says what he said today?!?! Ah well, just kinda made me angry at the time being. Still kinda bothering me. I think because he totally minimized the a- seriousness and b-progress i've made in such a short time and c - this huge lifestyle change.
  7. JesikaBeth

    Thanks, Doc

    Thanks, Valerie2622. Best of luck to you!
  8. Thanks everyone. Hopefully things start to even out! I am back at the gym, so we'll see. Thanks again!
  9. JesikaBeth

    Gluten Free In Houston, Texas?

    Awesome, thanks so much everyone
  10. What are some good options for gluten free eating in Houston, TX? I had my first dining out experience since diagnosis, at Outback. It was a good experience! Just curious as to others? Thanks
  11. 3 weeks today gluten free! Feeling much better!

  12. Are there any gluten free, diabetic friendly cereals? I *LOVE* cereal, but have yet to find one that is diabetic friendly. Now that I'm gluten free, I was wondering if there's a gluten free diabetic cereal? Thanks
  13. Question : Are Rice Crispies Gluten Free?
  14. I'm tired, hot (Ac is broken), cranky, and hungry!

  15. JesikaBeth

    Gluten Free In Houston, Texas?

    Thank you! I appreciate the tid bits of info
  16. JesikaBeth

    Sleep Study

    So, VERY long story I'm having to reschedule. Waiting for them to call me back... I'll keep updated
  17. JesikaBeth

    Getting A Sleep Study Done!

    I am getting a sleep study done tonight. My Oncologist referred me for one. I have had chronic insomnia since I was 15 years old. I am now 34. My sleep is awkward, and I go through phases where I literally can't sleep at all (despite being on sleep medication prescribed by my psychiatrist), or I will sleep too much. I also have very little energy. My partner, who works in the medical field, believes I have sleep apnea. I'm interested to finally be having a sleep study done because this wacky sleep thing has got to go! With that said, kinda dreading it. I can hardly sleep when I'm comfortable, let alone hooked up to a million electrodes - lol. Ah well. We'll see how it goes, but it'll probably be a long night.
  18. So I am starting to think that several of the things I have beend diagnosed with, and/or are struggling with (including severe insomnia) are directly tied to gluten. Just over a week in, my insomnia has gotten noticeably better. My fibromyalgia pain has gone from constant pain to, seriously, being decreased by over half (granted, I am also on a new fibro medication, but whatever it is is working, so I'm not going to question it!) I have noticed my focus has been slightly better, although it's not even been 2 weeks yet, so I haven't noticed a big change. I have, however, noticed a big change in my energy levels as well. On the downside, I'm hungry all.the.time. Hoping that evens out! On this early Saturday morning, I do feel as though I could shout from the roof tops. I feel sooooooo much better! Thank you to my amazing doctor, I feel as though a whole new world has opened up for me
  19. Hello Everyone. Wow, so apparently I am back. I've been on and off this forum for years. Unable to get a diagnosis for quite some time. A bit of a backstory: Diagnosed with, at the very least, gluten sensitivity via bloodwork. Told by my doctor that I could still eat gluten. Remained gluten free for a year, but then went back to eating gluten (and justified it by essentially given persmission to choose to eat gluten or not.) Fast forward about 4 years. Horrible GI problems and some other symptoms (Increasing problems with fibromyalgia and thyroid issues, a lot of pain, etc.). Went in for an endoscopy, and ended up being diagnosed with Cancer! They also took a biopsy for Celiac which came back inconclusive. Bloodwork, again positive for antibodies. Again, fast forward about six months - which brings us to the present. Through chemo, things started to decline greatly (fibromyalgia with a vengance, hashimotos not being controlled, etc.) I am currently on a break from chemo, and decided to properly address my pain issues, because well now I have the focus and energy. I went to the doctor last week, he reviewed my tests and confirmed that I do indeed need to be gluten free (he is also tweaking my thryoid med and putting me on a new fibromyalgia med.) So here I am... I'm on day 4 of being gluten free and so far so good. Admittedly so, feeling a bit overwhelmed... but I'm back, this time for good. Looking forward to, and hopeful for, finally feeling better
  20. JesikaBeth

    Gluten Free Expo In Dallas. Anyone Going?

    Cool, I'm excited to go!
  21. Planning on (hopefully) going to the gluten free expo in Dallas, in November. Anyone else going to the Dallas one?
  22. Had my first Gluten Free Pizza! Yum!

  23. JesikaBeth

    Coincidence? Starting To Think Not...

    Thanks for all of your support! It means the world :)
  24. JesikaBeth

    Gluten Free Expo In Dallas. Anyone Going?

    Anyone ever been to a gluten-free expo before? I have not. What's it like?
  25. JesikaBeth

    How Do You Mealplan For The Week?

    Thanks, everyone! I'll definitely check out that thread! Nice to hear what ya'll do. Being a newbie to some of this stuff is a bit overhwelming