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  1. gluten-free House

    I didn't say they had to bring anything. I said I would cook it all.
  2. I have Celiac Disease and decided to make my home a completely gluten-free zone. Most of my friends and family understand and comply. However, I am having some friends over tonight and told them to "please use caution and don't bring gluten into my home. It's the only place I can feel safe". I've been told this is too restrictive, that it's unwelcoming, and why should my guests have to suffer. Some friends begrudgingly agreed, but still gave me attitude. I offered to provide all the food, how is that unwelcoming? The two girls giving me problems are supposed to be my closest friends. Am I being unreasonable? At this point, I want to move the get-together to another venue or just be done with them altogether. I requested very nicely and tried to explain the effects of cross contamination so they would get it. Is it true that you find out your real friends in times like these?
  3. Anyone ever asked a grocery store how they cut their freshly cut fruit? Just had a reaction and I don't know to what - but I did have pineapple from the grocery store that was precut and sold in a plastic container. Any chance that could be it?
  4. Thanks all! I guess it sounds like I just need to have some patience and faith that going gluten-free and taking supplements will help. I'm not dangerously low, I don't think (Ferritin = 19) but the lightheaded symptoms scare me. I was reading about getting iron intravenously, but it sounds like I'm not at that point yet. Husband and I are talking having babies, but I also don't want to hurt the baby in any way with low vitamin levels. I'm only on day 3 of taking the supplements, and Rome wasn't built in three days....
  5. Hi! I had my ferritin tested for the first time recently and although I fell in the "normal" range, I was at the VERY low end of normal and not anywhere close to optimal. i've been struggling for years with shortness of breath, fatigue, irritability, and lightheadedness, so this discovery makes perfect sense to me. My doctor suggested I take iron supplements - Slow Fe. I've started the pills, one 45mg at night with dinner. Although it makes me feel really off in the middle of the night, I'm willing to deal with it in the hopes it'll clear up my issues. Just curious if anyone has had luck with the supplements. Any thoughts on low ferritin levels. If it helps, I'm Celiac, gluten free since March of this year. Slowly trying to treat all the vitamin deficiencies and hopefully get everything that was effected by my disease back to normal. Would love any feedback from anyone who has fixed their iron deficiency or is currently struggling as well. Hopefully I've posted in the right forum! -Ami
  6. So I've been gluten free for over three months now.You would think it would be getting easier, with fewer glutening incidences, but not the case for me. Short of locking myself in the house and never eating out, is there any option? I'm thinking I haven't been as strict as I need to be, because I am getting sick once a week, if not more. When I do eat out, I tend to stick to places where I've eaten and not gotten sick before. but maybe that's too much of a risk for a newly diagnosed Celiac? But now I seem to be getting sick from something else. I can tell because I haven't eaten out all week, and tonight, for example, I had cramps and D. I've heard some things about corn sensitivity, and I had popcorn, so I'm thinking maybe that's it. However, I've had corn and popcorn previously with no reaction. So what's the deal there? I think I need to eat entirely clean for awhile and do the whole elimination diet. Any recommendations of what to eat thats entirely safe, no possible sensitivity? Rice, bananas, chicken? If I do this, I must need a multi-vitamin, no? I'm just sooo frustrated and while I would never hurt myself, I seriously cannot imagine living like this for the rest of my life. I sometimes just want to lock myself in my bedroom and never leave.
  7. Hi! Need your thoughts on this. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post it, so if I'm wrong, let me know and I will post it on the right forum. Hubby and I booked a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula before I got my Celiac diagnosis. Once diagnosed, we contacted the hotel who assured us our all-inclusive resort would be able to feed me (gluten-free pasta, bread, meats). Unfortunately, although I know they tried their best, I got sick daily from the second day until we left. I had brought granola bars and other safe treats, but not really enough to exist on. They (said) they prepared all my foods in safe areas, away from possible cross contamination and I never ate from the buffets - I always got special meals from the kitchen. Even so, I had an upset stomach every day. I know the next question is - well, how do you know it wasn't just Montezuma's Revenge? Well, it wasn't a constant running to the bathroom after every meal, but when I did go, it was diarrhea. I've had MR before, and that's a "spend the day in the bathroom" affair. Plus, sorry to get graphic, but I had the same bloating, color of feces, gas, etc that I get with glutening. i was sure it was that. My husband and I decided to leave early. I couldn't keep getting sick. and even if there was a chance it was MR or a "food poisoning", it wasn't a risk I was willing to take. I can't hurt my body like that. We are submitting a claim for reimbursement, since we happened to buy the trip insurance. What are your thoughts? Are we unfairly requesting a reimbursement? Has anyone here ever done it? I really just want $ for the change of flight, and the unused portion of the hotel. It's not their fault, per se, that I can't eat their food. But medically, I just couldn't stay there any longer. Any advice for help requesting money back? The claim form is asking for proof of hospitalization or treating physician's note, but it's a little different for us with Celiac. Am I really supposed to get an endoscopy to prove damage? Thanks in advance, Ami
  8. Tonight we are having a get together at our house. I thought it'd be easier to have it at my house, since I know everything is celiac-friendly. We're doing snacks only, the get-together is post dinner, but I am serving light snacks and told my friends to bring something they wanted to share. Well one girl is making a dessert. She said she tried to find the right ingredients but one of them, she couldnt locate the gluten-free version of an item, so now she is bringing gluten-dessert to my house. I'm extremely offended. I wouldn't bring a known allergen to the house of a sufferer. I don't really want to deal with the drama of calling her out on it. What do you do? Is your house strictly gluten-free? Am I being too sensitive? I have enough of an emotional roller coaster dealing with this - now I have inconsiderate friends to add to the mix. I'm crying over this. Doesn't she care enough to be considerate of my dietary needs? It's not like it's at her house.
  9. I Was Doing Well, Then...

    Thanks! I think I will steer clear of the Oats, as I am guessing that is the problem. I've never noticed a problem with the kimchi, but I do notice in high doses, the MSG gives me diarrhea, but usually it's instaneous. Do you think your problem with MSG is celiac, or is it a different intolerance altogether? I think there was a lot of stuff going on this weekend for me, and you're right, with so many factors, i'll never know!
  10. So I've been gluten free for two months, and finally started to see my stomach symptoms abading. This last week, I was on a THREE week no diarrhea streak, so I thought I finally got my situation together. Then BAM, last night I got sick. My husband tells me that sometimes people just get an upset stomach, and it might not have anything to do with celiac. I know he could be right, but there's this nagging feeling that maybe I got it wrong on a few things I ate in the last few days. Do you think any of these could be the culprit? 1. Kimchi - the label doesnt indicate anything with wheat - although MSG is an ingredient. My symptoms started over 24 hours after eating it. 2. white wine/champagne at various points over the weekend - maybe i just had too much and it caught up with me? 3. Gluten free labeled Oat Scones. They were made in a certified gluten-free bakery- but I've heard oats can cause a problem in some?? 4. I'm on antibiotics - so maybe they just upset my stomach? or maybe wine/antibiotics together? On another note, it's hard for me not to get really down about these slips when I was doing so well. What do you do do keep your head up and keep trucking? I was doing so well! I was barely eating out, strictly reading labels, the whole shebang. ~Ami
  11. I thought I'd let you guys know the dinner went great! It was last night. I don't feel like I've been glutened, and I'm hoping it stays that way. She had lots of gluten-free options, including a cucumber salad, delicious oven roasted veggies, and a rosemary chicken. I obstained from eating the soup, and I brought my own crackers. She also prepared gluten-free chocolate cupcakes for me. I think I completely overreacted with anxiety before the dinner and I'm embarrassed I did. I just cross my fingers I don't get sick - only time will tell on that one! On other news, I went to Starbucks and was shocked that none of their employees knew what drinks were gluten-free or not. So I posted to the facebook page that they should probably educate their staff. Boy are people dumb. I didn't say they should cater to me, just that their staff should know if there's gluten in their items. People jumped at me. These were my two favorite comments: 1. In all due respect, why should a company train hundreds of thousands of employees for every dietary need out there? I can only consume a specific type of milk, I dont get angry when a store doesn't carry it because the world doesnt revolve around me (or other people that can only drink this milk). 2. They're not doctors or nutritionists. It's on you to know what you can and cannot consume. I replied to both. I think that a food establishment should absolutely know their ingredients! In another facebook post, a friend of mine wrote about eating something gluten free. Someone I didn't know wrote: "Oh god. F$%ing unnecessary gluten free food." It took everything in my power not to respond to that one. ~Ami
  12. I was diagnosed with Celiac about a month ago via blood work only. I've been reading up a lot on recovery and getting a bit concerned about healing. I have scheduled follow up blood work for about 3 months from now and the doctor will review at that point. I'm also meeting with a nutritionist next week. I'm still getting bouts of diarrhea about once a week, although overall I'm starting to feel better and my BMs are looking so much better these days for the most part. Do I need to request any follow up testing in regards to cancer, or other possible problems? I didn't get the endoscopy pre-diagnosis, and I'm not adding gluten back in at this point in order to test, but should I request one down the line to confirm I'm healing? Or is a change in the ttg or DGP enough? I'm scared I could have other problems (cancer) that no one ever caught, even if it's precancerous. I'm reading all these articles on how people with celiac might never heal. I'm 33, I just want to take all the precautions I can. Also considering giving up dairy, as I'm fearful that could be the reason behind my weekly diarrhea episodes, or it could be glutening, or just plain healing, I don't know....Is it normal to get diarrhea weekly if I'm only about a month into eating gluten-free? thanks in advance! Ami
  13. Symptoms But Eating gluten-free

    I had another issue this week, thought I was eating gluten-free 100% and again, diarrhea hit. How am I to know if I got CC, or if it's just healing? When am I going to stop having the weekly bouts of the D? Does anyone understand the actual biology of being glutened? Is it just the antibodies coming on full storm once the gluten hits your intestines? What causes the diarrhea, if I accidentally ate the wrong thing, if I've already started healing?
  14. Hi, no update yet! The dinner is a few nights away. I will say that she texted to tell me she's making a gluten free dessert and she'll have recipes on hand for me to peruse the night of. So maybe I overreacted, and it'll be okay after all....
  15. So it finally hit me last night. My husband got home from work and was asking about dinner. I didn't feel like eating. He reheated chicken and I just watched him eat. Then the tears came. I've only cried happy tears over my diagnosis (being happy that I finally had a solution), but this was the first time it really hit me. I have Celiac disease. This isn't something I have to deal with for a few months. This is a lifestyle change that I have to continue, forever. I was upset last night because I was tired of eating the same things (I know I need to experiment with cooking). I went to lunch with a friend and I was frustrated that somehow a non-gluten friendly item ended up on my plate. I'm tired of explaining to restaurants how careful they need to be. I'm tired of going places and having to constantly worry about what I can/can't eat. I fear that when I have kids, we'll have to go places that I won't be able to eat. I worry that the next time a friend invites me over, I'll offend them by asking what they are cooking (happened already). I worry that I will eat something wrong accidentally, but by the time I find out, I just have to deal with the symptoms. I'm am pretty much in constant worry. What if? I know that in the long term, I will feel better. I feel better already. But on a daily basis, this is an internal struggle that I am learning to fight. How do you cope? How do you deal?