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  1. Hello, I’m trying to determine if Weber products grill spray is safe or not. Most Weber products say gluten free. This one does not but it doesn’t seem to have any gluten containing ingredients. I called the company today and they said they do not test for it. The agent couldn’t tell me if any o...
  2. Thanks all! I guess it sounds like I just need to have some patience and faith that going gluten-free and taking supplements will help. I'm not dangerously low, I don't think (Ferritin = 19) but the lightheaded symptoms scare me. I was reading about getting iron intravenously, but it sounds like...
  3. Hi! I had my ferritin tested for the first time recently and although I fell in the "normal" range, I was at the VERY low end of normal and not anywhere close to optimal. i've been struggling for years with shortness of breath, fatigue, irritability, and lightheadedness, so this discovery makes...