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  1. Another Excellent source for Gluten Free bread is Franz Bakery. Best Hamburger buns I have found: https://franzbakery.com/HTML/glutenFree.html
  2. I agree with Mirilu above. I have a NIMA unit. When I first got it, I tested everything. I also wrote to companies and scoured their web sites, just as everyone else on here has done. Over time, as I became comfortable with certain products, the frequency of testing dropped. The same is...
  3. Cycling Lady is dead on: You find out who really cares about you and who cares about appearances. I have a one-on-one discussion about them about celiac, how it affects me and the long term risks. If, after such a discussion, a friend" of mine can't accept the limitations on my diet, I think...
  4. I wrote Hillshire Farms questioning whether or not the rope sausage is gluten free. Here is its straightforward response: Thank you for contacting us regarding our Hillshire Farm Sausage Ropes. It is always a pleasure to hear from our consumers. Our Nutritional and Labeling Department...
  5. One more update and it is not reassuring for those of you concerned about ConAgra. During my first call to CanAgra, where I was on hold forever, I used the ConAgra contact page to send a note. I was detailed in explaining the fact that certain frozen meals were no longer available anywhere....
  6. UPDATE: I spoke with Conagra, which just bought Udi's. It is integrating it into its operations and it appears it is not going well. Conagra said it has not discontinued any of the lines, but it could not give any more details on availability. On the other hand, it did confirm that it is continuing...
  7. Thanks, Karen. Go back to the page and try the where to buy. Not available anywhere. Even amazon.
  8. I am just curious why Udi's frozen pastas disappeared. I called conagra....on hold for 10+ minutes and gave up. I emailed, but have not heard back yet.
  9. Rob S.

    North of Tampa

    Check out meetup. A friend of mine found a large number of kayakers through it.
  10. I suggest you get yourself the NIMA tester of you need to eat out. I travel quite a bit and it has saved me plenty of times. I was just at a place that professed to be entirely gluten free. My food failed. Cross Contamination? Maybe a cook who just ate lunch at mcdonalds and did not wash his hands...
  11. Thanks apprehensiveengineer. I appreciate the education on acesulfame potassium.
  12. I am very sensitive to gluten. I have not had any problem with Coke products. I did try Diet Pepsi for a week and had problems. I went back to Coke and problems disappeared. My research at the time lead me to believe it could be the Carmel color that Pepsi used.
  13. Bree, I am also in Florida. I was diagnosed 2 years ago. The first few months were the worst. Trying to find out where to get things, which things were OK, which restaurants can help, etc. Once those issues are sorted, it gets much easier and more enjoyable. It takes some people...
  14. I thought I would post a few pics The first pic was from Falcon's Nest. This one is from Straw Hat.
  15. I travel quite a bit. With Celiac, I have an obviously high sensitivity to gluten. One place to which you can travel without worry: the island of Anguilla. I did not have one problem the whole trip. Anguilla is an overseas territory of the UK. It is just north of St. Maarten. Activity...