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About Me

I'm sure I have had this gene since birth, but my first real problems started after breast cancer surgery in early 2005. Very early and small, so I had partial mastectomy and radiation. Clear five years later.

I started having bouts of sick stomach and my energy level dropped steadily.My arthritis (hips and knees) got much worse.

In January of 2008 I collapsed and was taken to the emergency room. BP was 60/40. I was about gone. Thank God the GI doctor on call recognized my symptoms. I was diagnosed with celiac by biopsy.

Since that time I am strictly gluten free. I am strong, feel good, look better and the joint pain is completely gone.

I know I come over as Pollyianna. I don't mean to make light of the problems inherent with celiac. I'm just SOOOO much better!

  1. Is ginger beer gluten free? I have heard both ways. A friend loves Moscow Mules and In would love to try one, but not if I'm going to regret it for days and days.
  2. If you find out it is not gluten free, don't throw it away. Don't you have gluten eating family or friends? Give it to them.
  3. I totally agree with the tortilla pizza idea. I have used it for a couple of years and would not go back to a doughy one.
  4. You have come to the right place. Many of the people on this site are new to the Celiac life, but many of us have been at it for a while. I was diagnosed 15 years ago when there was about nothing gluten free available. Now there are cookies, snacks, frozen dinners, all sorts of things. Wheeeeeee...
  5. No one wants to have Celiac, but isn't it good to know what the problem is and what to so about it! La Choy soy sauce is gluten free, as is Tamari. I promise, it will get easier with time. You will find out what you can and can't tolerate and life will be wonderful again. You will always have to...
  6. I have no problem with Swanson's chicken or chicken broth. However, I have been gluten free for about 15 years, so I have an advantage . My gut has had time to heal. You may well find that foods you cannot eat now will later on be fine.
  7. Evidently you don't get as sick as I do. If you knew one little "cheat" would cause at least a week of severe nausea and diarrhea you would be much more careful.
  8. If you have a Jason's Deli where you live check with them. That is what they use for gluten free sandwiches, but they will sell you a loaf. expensive (about $12) but so worth it.
  9. Thank you, Trents, It was time for the adult to come into the room.
  10. What a lovely thing to say. I hope you never have any other problems. You also might want to investigate the myriad ways emotions effect physical conditions. That might be where your greatest problems are.
  11. As for produce, we are very lucky in that crops are beginning to come in for the truck farmers. I am in central Mississippi. We have a local farmers. market which usually in not crowded and everyone seems very conscious of social distancing. Yesterday I got sweet corn, green beans, egg plant, strawberries...
  12. I don't particularly want more regulation. I simply wonder where all the food has gone. I see on TV that farmers are dumping milk and plowing under their crops. What? People have quit eating? They are dumping milk but our grocery stores don't have milk. Some things just are not making sense to me...
  13. They do that so they can raise the price. We are used to paying a premium price for gluten-free food, so why not mark plain old potato chips gluten free and jack up the price? I don't begrudge their making a profit, but I do mind being taken advantage of.
  14. Actually, there are national standards as to what can be marked gluten free. I don't remember all the rules now, but I do remember it sounded reasonable. Mbatchany products that are gluten-free are not marked because the companies don't want to go to the trouble and/or expense of testing every batch...
  15. Products I normally get from Amazon in two or three days are now going to take 3 weeks. I looked at Gluten Free Mall and everything I looked for was out. I am going to have a hard time eating.