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  1. mbrookes

    Pizza crust

    Thanks. I already have the KA flour since it is my regular flour. This sounds good and I will try it next time I make pizza. I have no idea why this is underlining itself. I am not good at this computer stuff.
  2. mbrookes

    Pizza crust

    Sounds good, but I'm pretty sure my family won't go for the cauliflower.
  3. Tonight I made a pizza using Kroger Simple gluten free pizza crust. I was awful!!!! What do y'all use for pizza crust? I have used gluten-free tortillas, and they are pretty good. What do you use?
  4. Read the labels. If there is no wheat, rye or barley it should be OK.I don't know what kind of beans you mean, but I frequently use Bush's red beans and their Grillin' Beans with no problem.
  5. LilyR, thank goodness bourbon is gluten free. Feel free to have a mint julep, Manhattan, or a plain old bourbon and water (my favorite, with a squeeze of lemon). The mint used in drinks is usually spearmint or peppermint. You may have one...
  6. mbrookes

    Amy’s Frozen Meals

    Blakes also makes a chicken pot pie that is good. It comes in individual and family size. My near-by health food store has closed and I am searching for food now. They used to carry a gluten free frozen egg roll that was great. Anyone know...
  7. Unless you are going to drink the nail polish, why would that matter? Celiac only kicks in when gluten is in the digestive system. Contact with the skin (or nails) will not cause a Celiac reaction.
  8. If your chest feels tight and you have trouble breathing, please see your doctor soon. That could well be something much more serious than allergy problems.
  9. Unless a person is really super sensitive, this should not be a problem.Many foods that say "gluten free" on the label also produce gluten containing foods on the same equipment. If it is thoroughly cleaned between runs, there is not a problem...
  10. I will try all that I can find. My choices here (Jackson, MS) are limited. I guess I will try ordering.
  11. Thanks. I bought a loaf this afternoon. Will try it with dinner.
  12. HAS Udi changed? I used to like it, but recently it is awful. What bread do y'all like for regular use... sandwiches, toast, etc.?
  13. That is also my understanding. I can see concern about lip products, but who eats deodorant? Shampoo? I close my mouth in the shower.
  14. What is Delphi Celiac forum? Where can I find it? I am always on the look-out for new resources.
  15. I am not familiar with that. read the ingredient list. If there is no wheat, rye, barley or oats, it should be gluten free. You can also call the company.