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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. That is also my understanding. I can see concern about lip products, but who eats deodorant? Shampoo? I close my mouth in the shower.
  2. What is Delphi Celiac forum? Where can I find it? I am always on the look-out for new resources.
  3. I am not familiar with that. read the ingredient list. If there is no wheat, rye, barley or oats, it should be gluten free. You can also call the company.
  4. I didn't know where to put this, but the word needs to get out. I just got home from 2 weeks in the hospital due to a very rare but serious reaction to the blood pressure medicine Benicar. This reaction only happens to people who have Celiac Disease. If you are taking Benicar and start throwing up and having severe diarrhea, immediately stop the Benicar and contact your GI doctor. If it is severe, go to the emergency room. I got extremely dehydrated and experienced dangerously low blood pressure. As I said, it is very rare, but just be aware.
  5. Does anyone have a good cheese straw recipe? My old one does not work with gluten-free flour.
  6. My church (Episcopalian) allows gluten-free communion wafers. I am the only one (I think) who requires them. The priest hands it to me on a linen napkin used only for that purpose. I do not take the wine, as many people dip their wafers in the chalice. I agree with PinkyGirl... don't believe that God would want to make you sick by receiving communion.
  7. My teenaged grand daughters (not gluten free) actually request Chebe rolls when I feed them. They love them, as I do. Totally easy and can be made ahead and frozen. That way, I can just take out what I need and keep the rest on hand.
  8. I used to use Pacific gluten-free cream of celery in recipes, but that has been discontinued. I still love their mushroom and chicken for recipes, but what can I use for cream of celery?
  9. bread recipe

    I also need a gluten-free bread recipe, preferably one I can use with a bread machine. I was diagnosed 12 years ago and have gotten by with Udi's bread, but the only store in my town that carried it does not any more. The other brands I have tried just are pretty much awful.
  10. Parmesan chips are super easy and soooo good. Just grate a bunch of parmesan cheese (not that junk in a green can!) and make little piles on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and pat it down with your fingers.. Bake at about 400 until the cheese melts. When it cools, peel it off the paper and eat it. It should be really crunchy. Sometimes I add some dried rosemary for a different taste. You can buy these in a bag at Sam's but this way is cheaper.
  11. The new copper square pans

    If it is well cured, cast iron is perfectly smooth and can be easily washed with hot water. I cook only gluten free but still use the cast iron I had before diagnosis. No problems.
  12. Tomato Soup

    Thanks for the tomato paste idea. Pacific does have a gluten-free tomato soup, but it is not condensed, so same problem with texture. I am still in mourning for the Pacific cream of celery soup. Thank goodness for their cream of mushroom and chicken.
  13. Is there such a thing as a gluten free substitute for Campbell's condensed tomato soup? I have a couple of really good recipes that call for this. The closest I can find is Heinz that is imported from England. I tastes right, but is not condensed, so the thickness is not right.
  14. My Kroger, in their infinite wisdom, has stopped carrying Cup-4-Cup flour, with which I have had great success. They now have something called "Krustease". Is this any good? They also have one made (I think) by Pillsbury. How is it? What other should I look for? Unfortunately, Kroger is the only super market within reasonable driving distance, so I'm pretty much at their mercy.
  15. I use Udi's Classic hamburger buns. If I'm at home I butter and cook them on a griddle of flat skillet. Out, I just eat them as is, but I do smash them down so they are not so thick. When traveling I carry them so we can stop at barbeque joints. Have never had a problem. I do check to see that the barbeque sauce is safe.