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Allergies /intolerance to: wheat, dairy, soy, egg, nuts, flax, pinto, kidney bean, onion...Allergist thought I had celiac, because I am SO sensitive to wheat exposure of any form, but I never wanted to test for that, because wheat is so hard on me:  I get immediate itching around my hairline, followed by insomnia and depression 24-48 hours later, sometimes with mouth sores and digestion issues.  Dust mite and mold allergies.  Also, aquagenic urticaria and I think I have hashimoto's too.  

  1. I am feeling anemic. I haven't had my levels tested in years. The last three doctors I have gone to would not even test my vitamin D levels for me:( One just told me to take a decent multivitamin and not worry about it. Honestly, I am pretty frustrated with doctors. My 3-year old had a scary...
  2. Thank-you for the helpful responses:) I felt some relief after about five days, but am not healed fully yet. I made a lot of veggie soup...but also just snacked on whatever my family was eating when my husband cooked (gluten-free) meals. I will dig out my digestive enzymes tonight. Does anyone...
  3. Hi! I'm new, so maybe this already discussed on here someplace, but I looked and looked and couldn't find it so: What steps do you take after you've been glutened? Does anything soothe your symptoms? Do you follow a protocol?