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  1. Thank you Ranchers Wife. Since I'm asymptomatic, I would not know if I had gluten. I cannot imagine having to worry about getting sick from cross-contamination.
  2. Yes, I agree with you about friends..no issues with my true friends. These people are more acquaintances.
  3. I agree it depends on the people. I do not know these people very well and will be a little uncomfortable and awkward. She makes a ton of food.
  4. These are all good ideas. If it were a larger crowd it wouldn't be as noticeable. I most likely will just bring a meal bar and then hopefully she will have some fruit. Have you all experienced that the Hostess will feel bad that you can't eat what has been prepared?
  5. This is my first Holiday season eating gluten-free. I managed Thanksgiving well since I hosted at my house. My husband and I are invited to a Christmas brunch. It will be small and only 6 people and the host will cook all the food. We have eaten at their home before prior to me eating gluten...
  6. Hi Mesa, I know you were asking cyclinglady, but the endoscopy is not a difficult or painful procedure.
  7. cyclinglady, Yes I do have my pathology report from the endoscopy. I believe he did 4 biopsies. I did talk to him about this. He said it's always possible that he could have missed the damage. I did not go gluten free until AFTER my endoscopy results. My GI said he would call what I have...
  8. I went to my GI yesterday to discuss the latest blood-work results which had improved. He would like me to repeat the blood-work again in 6 months and also come it to see him. He has not had any cases like mine where there aren't any GI symptoms (even though I feel Osteoporosis is a symptom...
  9. Thank you Mesa. It was not done in any of my blood work. I'll take a look at the other forum. Thanks for your help!
  10. Mesa, I have heard of the bone marker tests. What Dr. can order it? No one ever mentioned to me about it.
  11. Hi Mesa, Yes, many similarities. At my GI doctor's office, they have not had a case like mine. I suppose because most people go when they are experiencing GI issues. I have not been on HRT. I haven't done enough research to feel comfortable with it. I have not heard of Keith McCormick so...
  12. I don’t know the reliability of testing through 23 and me but my Dr. will only order the Celiac Genetic test year through Prometheus Lab. https://www.prometheuslabs.com/Products/Default.aspx?section=GIDiagnostics I was positive for both the DQ2 and DQ8 genes. My insurance didn’t cover it, but Pro...
  13. cyclinglady, It sounds like you are doing things right if your bones have stabilized. I hope to find the same on my next density test!