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  1. any sort of artificial sweetener makes me crazy - like, irritable, restless, jumping out of my skin crazy. idk why ...
  2. lolz NO - i'm sorry if i made it sound that way!! i just have mega-high triglycerides and i hafta stop eating full fat...
  3. whhhaaat ?? i thought we were talking about celiac, here...... gluten molecules can't get through your skin......
  4. false negatives are more common than false positives.
  5. i'm with frieze - an undiagnosed celiac is a medical industry's GOLD MINE..... i suspect that is why it's so hard to...
  6. you might want to look at nuts.com - they have a pretty decent selection of treats in their gluten-free section. i can...
  7. you probably shouldn't be breathing all that flour if you have celiac (i wouldn't - even if it didn't make me physically...
  8. amen to this - show of hands of who found this out the HARD WAY...🙄 this past thanksgiving, i did everything gl...
  9. food journal, as others have suggested, is the way to go. also, i had a problem with eating something one day and it...
  10. i have been gluten-free for about 10 years now and have finally FINALLY rounded the corner to where my villi are absorbing...
  11. when i went COMPLETELY gluten free, i experienced gluten withdrawal. it took several months to feel better and what...
  12. notme!

    Washing my countertops

    you could keep a small area for your child that is off limits to gluten eaters if you are worried about sterilizing your...
  13. notme!

    White Bread (Gluten-Free)

    yeast is gluten free. cross reaction is a myth.
  14. this is a very old thread, so i don't know that the op's will answer. i'm sure you could go on the wendy's website and...
  15. notme!

    Twelve Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Gluten-free Diet

    just use the peel and stick ones. i lick nothing that doesn't list ingredients.